Packer tells casino inquiry he was sick when he sent

James Packer (Image: AAP) The current inquiry into the fitness of Crown to retain its casino licence in NSW is not the real question. The real question is how it got one in the first place. James Packer's company informed Ten's board in early May it was not willing to act as guarantor any more. Credit: Bloomberg Crown shares have lost 2.3 per cent since its workers were detained on The REAL story behind James Packer's casino: How billionaire princeling used his connections to build one in Sydney without ANY competition - but the $2.2billion 'vanity' project may end up being Australian casino mogul and businessman James Packer was spotted on Thursday checking in on the progress of his $50million beachfront mega-mansion being built in Mexico's Cabo San Lucas.. The 52 Billionaire James Packer is not a suitable person to be associated with the holder of the Barangaroo casino licence and was a de facto director of Crown Resorts after he stepped down from the Billionaire James Packer has resigned from 22 Australian company directorships in the past few weeks and no longer holds any board seat in his home country, corporate records show, signalling his James Packer is not to blame for the failures of Crown Resorts, his lawyers have told an inquiry into whether the gaming giant is suitable to run a new Sydney casino. They say the billionaire only gave advice to Crown, not instructions, after he stepped down from the board in 2018. Billionaire James Packer blames sickness for a “shameful” email threat he sent to a mystery businessman in 2015, the NSW casino inquiry has heard. James Packer’s deal to step back from Crown Casino abandoned as coronavirus stifles business . The deal had been viewed as a saving grace for a struggling billionaire but it has become the James Packer shifted investments away from the family­’s traditional Channel Nine television interests and further into the ­notoriously opaque world of global casino investments and Hollywood

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