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Can someone explain an in-depth history of bachata or a good article about it?

I've been on and off social dancing for a year and two, I'm initially a rumba and tango dancer but moved on to bachata and salsa. Bachata is super simple which is why I love it. But salsa has a thoroughly explained history, for example, how fania records helped with the rise of it. The name itself, and different types of dances like:
salsa casino, calena, cubano, on 1 and on 2, and more. It's difficult to find accuracy in the webs asides that it all started from the DR. I know there is bachata latin, cuban, sensual/western, and the OG bachata from DR.
What's bachata's history? And what are its popular bands and artists? In salsa, people know Marc Anthony, any equivalent explanations?
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Cubaanse Salsa( Casino Dance/Baile Casino ) in Amsterdam ... Salsa casino (cuban salsa) intermediate elements and ... THE WARM-UP: Basic Steps for Casino // Salsa Cubana (casino) en La Habana, Cuba (Lisandra en 1830 ... Salsa casino (cuban salsa) intermediate - simple ...

Salsa Cubana. Salsa Cubana oder der Casino, wie er auch genannt wird, zeichnet sich unter anderem dadurch aus dass er nicht auf Linie getanzt wird. Vielmehr bewegt sich das Paar während des Tanzens stetig im Kreis, wobei der Mann tendenziell das Zentrum bildet, die Richtung vorgibt und die Frau um sich herum führt. Dabei werden teils sehr aufwändige "Wickelfiguren" getanzt, bei denen sich ... PlayNow offers many Casino Cubano Salsa of the Casino Cubano Salsa world’s most popular casino games online. Baccarat.James Bond's favourite game is Baccarat and this Online Casino Cubano Salsa Casino game definitely has a license to thrill! In Baccarat, the objective is to try to predict the winner in a game of closest to 9 between a ‘Player' and a ‘Banker.’ Tanzkurse bei casino-cubano - casino-cubano Tanzkurse für Salsa Cubana Nürnberg Sommerpause bis 11.09.2016, wir wünschen Euch allen schöne Ferien :-) Weiter geht 's am 12.09.2016 Cuban Salsa, “Casino”, developed as a sub style of the Cuban Social Dance Son in the late 1950ties, and the two dances have a lot in common. Two of the major differences are that Son is danced on two, and that Son has a very distinct sideways set of steps called Son Clásico or Son Basic Steps. In Cuban Salsa, basic steps is to walk forward most of the time, using Paséala steps, or just ... Herzlich willkommen bei casino-cubano, Deiner Tanzschule für Salsa Cubana in Nürnberg. Wir freuen uns dass Du zu uns gefunden hast und hoffen dass wir Dein Interesse an Salsa Cubana wecken können, sofern das überhaupt noch notwendig ist. Wir bieten diverse Tanzkurse für Salsa und Rueda de Casino im kubanischen Stil in verschiedenen Niveaus ... CASINO CUBANO Cuban Salsa Instruction with Lázaro Noriega genre: Cuban Salsa-Casino video type: Instruction & Demonstration runtime: 45 Minutes location: Havana, Cuba producer: Boogalu Productions Casino Cubano was produced to give Latin dancers around the World insight into how Cubans dance "salsa" or what is known in Cuba as "casino".

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Cubaanse Salsa( Casino Dance/Baile Casino ) in Amsterdam ...

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Сальса касіно - продовжуючий рівень, підсумкові комбінації To support this channel, visit: casino warm-up comprised of basic steps that you'll use everywhere in the dance. They e... http://www.alocubanolisandra.comVictor Gonzalez con Lisandra Garcia en "Los Jardines de 1830"28/02/2017Music: La borrachera - Pupi y los que Son Son Cuban Salsa style 100% ...real Baile de Casino(Cuban Salsa) met top Cuban look ...Dance school Sabor de Cuba in Amsterdam & Haarlem.