Casino In Oregon On I 5

Another tourney series down.

Wildhorse casino in northeast oregon and cancelled their spring poker roundup from april 2nd-12th. I realize this won't affect most of you but for people in my area this is a big event to us.
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Portland woman faces 71 new felonies in Las Vegas Strip crash

Summary generated by cruyff8's autosummarizer of
Police say Holloway drove for several blocks on the sidewalk with her daughter in the back seat and hit more than people including members of the Pacific University men wrestling team. One man remained in serious condition Wednesday at University Medical Center in Las Vegas hospital spokeswoman Danita Cohen said. Police say Holloway arrived in Las Vegas from Portland Oregon and told investigators that she and her daughter had been living for at least a week in the car that she parked at casinos. Records in Oregon show she changed her name in October to Paris Paradise Morton but Coffee said she has been using the name Holloway in Las Vegas.
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Wondering if anyone else thinks Reno should just go back into quarantine for the next three weeks now?

As a Reno resident, I’m afraid that it seems like no one took the Governor asking us to please stay home seriously.
My girlfriend is a nurse, so I’m hyper aware that this is definitely real.
I’m worried that people who are fighting these requests, may not understand how bad it is. The GSR is pretty busy tonight, as was the casino I work at. And it seems from what I observed on the floor doing a survey regarding social distancing requirements ignored by close to half the guests. Security were constantly asking people to please put their masks on and folks kept sitting right next to each other.
This isn’t really a popular idea, trust me I knock out my job by us doing it. As I see it we should have dropped into phase 1 last week sometime. If the numbers didn’t slow I would say putting us in quarantine and essential businesses only for three weeks right now might do us all good as we wait for more vaccines to be put into emergency use and we slow who is becoming infected By isolating everyone we can now.
I am quite aware that our economy is severely damaged right now. I know businesses need to be open to make money, I’m fairly certain that no one thinks we want to stay open so our guests and patrons can get sick and possibly die. So we sit at this crossroads, and I ask you all the question that needs said.

What are we gonna do?
We gonna fight about it, drag our feet and lose more people. People we know and love.Maybe we can stop the us and them mentality and decide together to stop this outbreak as a city, county, and state.
just an idea.

with California making new restrictions and Oregon going into quarantine if you enter or leave the state. I would say the welcoming tourists to gamble may not be our leaders working on the same page.
Should we preemptively just drop into stay at home Full quarantine and press the government to move and help people in every way including pay and insurance with evictions pushed out again?
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some interesting stuff i found about Stephen paddocks past

Not necessarily insightful into his motive, but I felt it was interesting nonetheless.
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Warm Springs casino plans NYE bash as Jefferson Co. COVID cases climb

Just in case you want to lose more than a few bucks...
Central Oregon Daily News
Indian Head Casino
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Why are Americans forced to use shitty off-shore sites like ACR, BOL and Bovada?

Title says it all.
Its 2020 and outside of a few states, 90% of American players are forced to use totally shady, unregulated, rigged-ass poker sites that are run by pieces of shit.
Is there billionaire casino owners that lobby each year to keep online poker illegal? The US legalized sports betting, how the fuck is online poker not within the scope of those federal laws? This country just decriminalized fucking coke, heroin, and meth in the state of Oregon, but I can't sit in my living room and play poker at PartyPoker or Pokerstars??
I see online gaming companies, such as DraftKings, operating fine domestically, in both public operations and US-facing advertisement. I don't understand why its illegal for Americans to play on trust worthy, reliable, US-facing sites.
As you can tell, I am tilted as fuck. I just got another PARTIAL refund from ACR because I was playing against two fucking bots at the same table. They wouldn't even GIVE ME A FULL FUCKING REFUND. Fuck the free world. Fuck everyone. I want the Full Tilt days back... (before black Friday obviously)

Update: Please keep the up/down vote number at 69 ;)
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I saw a shapeshifter

I am hoping that by posting here I may connect with someone who has also experienced something similar or have heard of others who have experienced similar. Here is my story...
This experience happened at approximately 1:20am-ish Thanksgiving morning 2018. I live in SW Washington State and had rented a vacation home in Lincoln City, Oregon to accommodate mine and my sisters family who was flying in from Hawaii for The Thanksgiving holiday.
We had all arrived at the rental around 3pm. About 7:30 pm my son started yelling for me..he said my 1 year old grandson had gotten into my case with my blood pressure meds..and sure enough 1 of my pills was missing..we panicked and called poison control who told us to call 911 asap. They sent an ambulance and took my grandson to a small hospital in the area.
The staff there did what they could but told us they were not equipped for the situation and my grandson needed to be transported to Randall's Childrens Hospital in Portland,Or.
So, on Thanksgiving eve a pediatric ambulance was sent from Randall's to lincoln city..about a 2.5-3 hour drive due to holiday traffic. It arrived around midnight to pick up my Grandson.
My Sons wife road in ambulance with my grandson back to Randall's. Me and my son went back to the beach house to get diapers and clothes and started the drive to Randall's at about 12:30am.
Ok So here is where we encountered something that I and my Son will never forget for as long as we live.
We had been on the road for about and hour and had just passed the spirit mountain casino on hwy 18 and were in the area that was all hay farmland in between Bellevue and McMinnville. The road has 2 lanes only and is definitely a long deserted road especially at that hour of night. The ride had been very emotional as I felt extremely guilty for having packed my meds in a side pocket of tote bag where my grandson was able access it...I was terrified for him and crying. My son was also upset and although he was trying to hide it..I knew he blamed me 😔. is the crazy part...
As we were driving .I noticed my son slightly drifting in the road..he was falling asleep. Twice I asked him if he was ok to drive and to be careful. So being that I was very concerned that he may fall asleep....I was very aware and up watching him and the road...making sure he would not fall asleep
As we were driving down this road going about 55mph...In the distance we both saw what at first we thought was a deer running in our lane of the road..coming straight at us, but within a couple seconds we realized it was not a deer but a golden colored horse. It must have been about 250-300ft away at that point. It got closer fast as like I said we were traveling at about 55mph. As it got about 150 ft away. It leaped upwards and morphed instantly into a giant owl right before our eyes. The wingspan stretched past our lane in the and my son estimate to be between 12-15 foot wingspan. This thing was enormous. As soon as we saw that my son yelled out wtf?? and swerved the car to the left to avoid it and just as he did this, the owl immediately landed about 50 feet ahead of us to our right, in that little area outside the white the bike path area. The owl kinda tucked its head and wings into its chest as if it were scared..or trying to hide. As we drove past it, I got a good look at it out my window and with its head and wings tucked in it still came up to about the bottom of the window of the Subaru. It seemed a little wider than the width of a beach ball. So about 3.5 ft tall and 20-24 inches all the way around the body. This thing was mind blowingly big. soon as this happened it was almost as if a trance came over us. It affected both of us in the same ways. 1. We both did not speak a word the entire rest of the drive at all until we got to hospital. 2. We both lost all feelings of being tired and it felt like a calm alertness and awareness took over. I never even felt the fear he would fall asleep after the encounter. 3. The memory of the experience was crystal clear, but the curiosity and wonder or even awe did not hit us until driving back through the same area the next afternoon after my grandson was discharged. It's like we suddenly both said.."and what the heck was that thing we saw last night"..and it all started pouring out from both of us..the exact same thing that we sons wife was asking us questions about it and we were blurting out the exact same answers... It was mind blowing... Till this day we talk about it and wonder..what did we witness that night. We both agree that this seemed to be some mythical creature or shapeshifter. We both also agree that whatever it was, it was Good and meant us no harm and may have been a guardian.. Or maybe it was something that we witnessed by accident..and maybe weren't meant to see. Either way..Just the fact that we both saw it. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have seen proof with my own eyes that animal spirits or shapeshifters..or magical creatures do exist. Makes me wonder about stories of fairies and mermaids and pegasus..and Nessie may just be true.
If you got to the end... Thank you. I'm not very good at writing.
has anyone experienced similar?
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What would you do if 2020 became a Groundhogs Day loop

Someone else brought up this hypothetical on collapse and figured it was so good needed to be here too. So imagine on new years Eve and the clock strikes midnight and it's now 1/1/2020. How are you reliving this timeloop. Not knowing if it will ever stop repeating unless you do the right thing.
How are you living in this timeloop? Here's my story I posted on collapse. Please share yours!
Well this is fucked. We're never getting out of this timeloop.
Well let's see here. My first year on the timeloop will go something like this:
January 1st as I spend the night as I began 2020 quarantined with the flu (or maybe covid who knows) watching the ball drop at midnight I am shocked to see Ryan Secreast wish everyone a Happy 2020. I'm like wtf I'm not that drunk. Checks the time on my phone. 2020 again fuuuuuck another year of listening to the msm bitch about Trump! Ah yeah and covids coming soon better make a TP, N95 mask and hand sanitizer run and buy that bidet I've been wanting now. Oh yeah and stock up on ammo that's gonna be expensive in a few months.
Alright now time to buy up Stock in Tesla, Disney, Netflix, Amazon and watch them go to the moon before I sell them around the time people start running out of unemployment then cash out and donate it to people in need.
Now that that's taken care of proceed to bet on LSU crushing Clemson in the championship by exact scores. Then fly out to Vegas and party like it's 2019 off my winnings before SHTF. While I'm there might as well put in a bet on a world pandemic happening in 2020 and also that all the casinos in Vegas will close. They'll give me 10,000:1 odds. I'll make an easy 20million off of it come April..... literally betting against Vegas and winning. I'll come back home mid January and while I wait on my big payday I'll put a bet on the Superbowl while I'm at it.
Okay so we're up to early February now. Chiefs just won the Superbowl. Got some more funny money in the pocket to play with. Gonna buy an ebike and dress like a Cyberpunk character so I can roam the empty downtown streets in another month when the lockdowns hit and it's a true ghost town. The virus news is starting to go mainstream but no one's really taking it seriously yet. Wuhan is in lockdown. Vegas chuckles slightly worried....hehe. I decide make a bet with a friend $50 that Trump will name it China Flu and call it a democratic hoax. Plan to buy a 100 piece chicken nuggie platter with the winnings and eat them with my dog just cause we can.
March hits. The chicken nuggies are all gone. Time to start doomer posting about the lockdowns coming and businesses closing and historic unemployment levels about to come. Nothing I didn't already do. Also start a campaign about the coming explosion in Beirut and hopefully it goes somewhere to prevent that shit from happening.
Ok so April rolls around. I'm calling Vegas and they sound like their whole family died in a car wreck when I call to collect my $20 million. Tell them I'm a time traveler from the future and hang up. He'll spend the rest of the year thinking I was. I'll quit my job soon as the check clears and buy an RV and travel the US. I wanna go through Oregon and Cali before they burn. I'll post murals of George Floyd along the route with a BLM sticker on it. Also I'll post Proud Boi posters in every town I visit with a pic of two guys banging. While I'm at it I'll buy up billboard ads in every state that reads "Fish was right".
I'll finish my end of the world tour in early May as the lockdowns have ended and settle on nice ranch I bought with my winnings. Start a doomer cult of the most worthy Doomers of collapse. We will make sour bough bread and donate it to the food banks. We'll preach the gospels of the 350k deaths to come this year of Covid and the Presidential Coup.
Come June my cult will gain even more followers after the George Floyd events unfold and the months of riots begin. All of the murals I posted of Floyd will have lead them to the doomer cult website I made that was posted at the bottom of every mural. Also Rudy Giuliani will get millions of dick pics and gaping asshole pics sent to his email....his email account will be listed below all of the Proud Boi posters. As for "Fish was right". It will be linked to collapse. The sub gets flooded with new followers. We hit 10million within a week. The mods are so desperate for help they hire Satan to help filter out all the spam. He ends up just sending all the shit posters to hell. The subreddit loses 5 million followers within a month. Satan is just happy to have all the souls.
July roles around and it's hot as hell. Satan confirms. Spend the month on the ranch building a giant wooden fish. We're planning the largest doomer gathering that didn't end in mass suicide. We all just do drugs and have orgy's for the month. Of course we keep it safe with 2 covid tests and a week of quarantine before they enter. Everyone shows up with their newly bought camping gear because everyone will become campers now. u/DJdickjob smuggles in the drugs up from Florida. I made him get rid of the heroin crack and meth though. Only the good drugs. The mass gathering was only supposed to last for a month but turns into 3. Summer of love is over.
We all sober up mid October just in time to vote. I remember before the election to copyright the term "270" so I don't have to hear this buzzword a million times post election. We all vote for Bernie Sanders. Realized that we forgot he was screwed again and it was actually the dementia dude running for the ruling elite. That dude wins anyways.
The Election has been unofficially called for Dementia. The doomer cult disperses to put up posters of Rudy Guliana with black goo running down his face. We put a link below that looks like it's a website to donate to Trump's election fraud battle. All the Trumpers donate. They get scammed. All the money goes to black families that need rent and food assistance during the pandemic. Somehow Gulianis email gets flooded again with dickpicks and assgaping. His email wasn't even included this time. 3 weeks later Gulianis head starts to ooze the black goo. We get more donations because of this. They think it's apart of the prophecy for Trump to win. More money goes to help black families. Over $1billion donated by Trumpers. I guess Black Lives really do matter to them after all.
December roles around and Gulianis in a new scandal. Pictures of his gaping ass make it to the front page of cnn. Turns out he ended up emailing a few of the guys back and sending them pictures of his gaping ass with a nazi flag sticking out of it. Trump followers twist it as a sign that he's telling them that the Deep State made the Nazis look bad. That it was all propaganda and that they were actually the good guys. They excuse the gay image as him doing it for the cause and that the thigh highs, nipple clamps and dick cage were symbolic signs of how the deep state has made us weak and submissive. Trumper Q Anons start wearing nazi flags sticking out of their ass in unity to protest against mask wearing. Half of them decide that they like the flags so much that they need bigger flags. Ironically they chose black flags because they're bigger right. Now the Nazi flag Trumpers think that the Black Flag Trumpers are Antifa. They start fighting each other pathetically in the streets until they both Realize that Black Flags do matter and reunite the right. At this point I call it a year and go chill out until Christmas......oh shit I forgot about Nashv.....oh well too late gotta get ready for the last doomer gathering of the year. We're lighting the giant wooden Fish at midnight to see what happens.
Will Fish get us out of the loop?
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Places to drive to?

What are some stores, restaurants, fast-food, cool places to drive to in Oregon? Not necessarily about the scenery, I just like driving but I need places to go to. Like I recently drove up to a casino and currently at in-n-out. Any ideas?
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Velma Buttolph (Feb. 14, 1931 - Dec. 31, 2020)

Velma Valentine Buttolph
Feb. 14, 1931 - Dec. 31, 2020
The angels came for our Valentine on the last day of 2020.
Born in S.E. Portland to John and Margaret Blanton our incredible lady was hospitalized her last three weeks. During her final week, our son, Randy, stayed next to her, on a roll away so she would not pass alone.
Born poor during The Depression, but rich in life adventures.
Shortly after moving to Willamette her preschool was interrupted as her father was placed in a veteran's hospital in Roseburg and, as minors were not allowed to visit, she did not see her father again until on her honeymoon trip.
In Willamette, a second family was acquired, the Bietscheks, resulting in a lifelong girlfriend, Nori.
The love of outdoors kept her near or in the Willamette River learning to be an excellent swimmer. Swimming the entire width and back out to meet tugboats and swim under log rafts.
Velma attended West Linn High School where she met Vern, and they eventually married June 1, 1949. Both mothers served as witnesses. Her love of travel was set crossing the states, where, with children in tow, twice accompanied Vern to Ft. Benning, Ga. In early years vacations were mostly used for camping in the county, state, and national parks with trips to Canada, Mexico and Disneyland. This was accomplished in 10 passenger station wagons. In later years, motor home travel took us to Washington, D.C., Niagara Falls, Key West, Branson, Graceland, Dollywood and countless other places. Anniversaries were celebrated in travel. Alaska cruise, Canada, Hawaii on our 50th a month-long trip to Europe with brother-in-law Lloyd and Ruth. Velma was a devoted mother to a daughter, Jodi; five sons, Ron, a special needs child, Randy, Dennis, Steven and Tracy. She also helped raise several neighborhood kids.
Our Wonder Woman kept an immaculate house and was active in PTA and neighborhood associations. She was the cosponsor of the Clackamas County Association for Retarded Citizens in the 1950's resulting in school programs ahead of the state mandate for special education.
Velma enjoyed fishing, flower gardening, Blazers, casinos, travel and clan picnics. Those that pre-deceased her were her son, Ron; mother and father; sisters, Wilma, Lucille, Marie; brothers, Virgil, James and John. Those she left behind are her husband Vern of 71 years and seven months; daughter, Jodi; sons, Randy, Dennis, Steven and Tracy; son-in-law, Rick; grandson, Travis; sister, Danyale; sister-in-law, Peggy; brother-in-law, Jerry. Her neighbor friends and church family of Oregon City United Methodist.
We wish to extend our appreciation to the Providence Portland Hospital for the kindness and compassion they showed our incredible lady. The clergy and James were top notch. We were blessed with a long happy marriage.
A memorial service will be organized later when gatherings can be safely held. Willamette National Cemetery will be her final resting place.
To the world she was just one, to us she was the world.
Please sign the online guest book at
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Missing and Murdered Indigenous...Men? Why are there so many missing men and boys from the Yakama reservation? Part 2 of 2.

Missing and murdered indigenous people
If you have spent any time reading about true crime, you probably know that American Indian/ Native American women go missing from the United States and Canada at alarming rates. On some reservations, women experience violence and are victims of homicide at 10x the rate of women in other communities.
But what about men and boys? Missing and murdered Indigenous boys and men are the forgotten group of this epidemic of violence on tribal land and many families are aching to see the cases of their missing/murdered male loved ones solved. Just like with the missing women, men and boys are going missing at an alarming rate on tribal land, but race is not the only factor. Men (and women) of all ethnicities who live on the Yakama reservation are missing and murdered at disturbing rates.
Missing and murdered indigenous people is a complex issue with prejudice and jurisdictional issues playing major roles. If you want to know more about the root of these issues, I suggest “Missing and Murdered” podcast by Indigenous Canadian journalist Connie Walker, who explains the issues much better than I ever could; that podcast is linked below.
Today, I want to highlight the stories of some of these men and boys, specifically those missing from the Yakama community. Because there are so many missing people who are practically unknown, I have decided to profile the cases of ALL the men and boys missing from the reservation, regardless of race.
This is a companion piece to another write up I completed about missing women and girls from the Yakama reservation. That write up can be found here. If some sections sound similar that is probably why.
Washington state is home to the fifth largest Indian reservation in the United States, the Yakama reservation, which is home to the Klickitat, Palus, Wallawalla, Wenatchi, Whishram, Wanapum, and Yakama people. According to the US Census Bureau, only the Osage, Puyallup (also in Washington state), Navajo, and Choctaw reservations are more populous. The Yakama reservation is located in South Central Washington state, just south of the city of Yakima. Of the 31,000 people who lived on the reservation, 11,000 are enrolled tribal members. Most people who live on the reservation claim Hispanic/Latino, white, or mixed-race descent, but Hispanic is by far the most common ethnic group. There are also small Filipino, Japanese, and Korean communities nearby. The Yakama reservation is located just south of the town of Yakima, Washington, a large farming community of 100,000 people. Apples, cherries, peaches, pears, grapes, and hops are all grown in the dry surrounding region. Harvest time brings thousands of migrant workers to the area, so the population is always in flux.
Outside of Yakima is the town of Union Gap (Pop. 8000), which is partially on the reservation, and partially off it. There are two other proper towns on reservation, Toppenish (pop. 8000) and Wapato (pop. 5000). Other small communities such as Satus, Harrah, White Swan, and Granger all boast several hundred residents each. All in all, the Yakama nation consists of 2,200 square miles of sprawling, rural land stretching from south central Washington nearly to the Oregon border. But from this unassuming patch of high desert and grassland, more than 30 Native women have gone missing/were murdered. If we add Native men to the equation, the number jumps to nearly 40 unsolved disappearances, deaths, and murders. If we add the deaths and disappearances of non-native people missing from the reservation, the number grows yet again.
Although the land is vast, the tribal population is small. From my estimates over .5% of native people on the reservation are missing or murdered. Like many tribal communities, unemployment and poverty is common, appropriate housing is scare, and according to the tribal council "disregard for the rule of law and general civil unrest" as well as gun violence and substance abuse is common. In 2019 a curfew was instated after a particularly bad shooting.
According to the Washington State Patrol, the Yakama nation has the highest percentage of missing people of any Native community in the state, even though they are not the most populous. The FBI created a task force in 2009 to investigate the possibility of serial killer among the Yakama, but the investigation determined that a serial killer was unlikely, but not impossible. This was because the causes of death were so different from victim to victim. The investigation did close 2 cases on the reservation after DNA on both women linked them to a man serving life in an Oregon prison, but the man is not believed to be responsible for any other crimes in the inquiry.
Whether a serial killer is loose on tribal land or not, this issue is complex and long standing and demonstrates how much substance abuse, domestic violence, accidents, and random crime affect the native communities in this county at 10x the rate of other communities. Some progress has been made such as state bill 2951 which allows Washington state authorities to track cases and help investigate and search for missing individuals on tribal land. Because tribal lands are usually under federal jurisdiction, state authorities previously were not able to help, despite being more familiar with the area than the FBI. This is only one small step in the right direction and although awareness is growing, the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous people will not simply go away.
Many people have heard of this epidemic, but few know the names of the victims; today it is time to change that. Below are the profiles of 20 men and boys who are missing, murdered, or who have suffered mysterious deaths. For some of the individuals very little information is available. The list below is not necessarily complete. If you know of other unsolved cases let me know in the comments below.
Quick guide: Yakima- large town near, but not on, the reservation
Yakama- the tribe and people group
NOTE: all cases organized most to least recent. In order to be profiled the cases in this piece must have some connection to the Yakama Indian reservation. This could mean those who lived on the reservation, were last seen on the reservation, are believed to be missing within the confines of reservation, or are of Yakama heritage by birth. Hope that makes sense.
Bernard Schieber, 86, of Yakima has not been seen since Aug. 8, 2019, when he left his home in the 2500 block of South 84th Avenue in Yakima. His black, full-size Chevrolet pickup was found a few weeks later in a closed portion of the Yakama Nation reservation. It appears to have been parked normally and not crashed or damaged. When he left his home in the city of Yakima, Bernard had only ¼ tank of gas and no money. He suffers from dementia. Bernard is described as a white male with blue eyes and gray hair. He weighs 190 lbs. and stands 5’ 11” tall. Anyone with any information about Schieber is asked to call the Yakima County Sheriff's Office at 509-574-2500. He is still missing.
Josiah “Jo” Michael Hilderbrand aged 25 and his friend 47-year-old Jon Joseph Cleary left southern California in early June 2020 to travel to a Grateful Dead concert at The Gorge a venue in Washington state. Both men were traveling together in a light blue 2004 Honda Civic hybrid when they were last heard from on June 7th, 2019. On June 8th their abandoned burned out car was found 8 miles west of Toppenish in a deserted, rural area of the reservation. The FBI has stated they believe the men are dead but they are officially listed as missing.
Josiah Hilderbrand is described as white male, age 25, with light brown wavy hair and blue eyes. He is 5’8” and 165 lbs. He has a neck tattoo. Jon Cleary is a white male, 47 years old, and 6’3” in height weighing 230 lbs. He has brown/gray hair and beard and brown eyes. He usually wears a baseball cap.
Remains found August 5th, 2020 near Toppenish may belong to the men. The FBI is handling the case as the men were found on tribal land. The families are offering $35,000 for information that can solve the murders. Even if the remains are those of the “Dead Heads” the crimes of their deaths remain unsolved.
Strangely enough Hilderbrand and Cleary died on the same day that a mass shooting occurred in White Swan where two men, Donovan Quinn Carter Cloud and James Dean Cloud, killed five people. The shooters have been convicted in that crime and some have speculated that both crimes are related. This mass shooting was the crime that inspired that reservation-wide curfew to be put into effect.
Elias Chief Culps, 25, was last seen in White Swan on Dec. 27, 2018 and has not been heard from since. In 2015 Elias was a witness in a court case about unreasonable searches and seizures and whose jurisdiction should be involved when fugitives are found on tribal land- the outcome of that case is unknown. There is little information available about Elias’ disappearance. Those with information are asked to call the Yakama Nation Police Department at 509-865-2933, case number 19-009167. He is described as a Native American male, 5’6”-5’7” in height and 150-170 lbs. He has brown hair and eyes and a tattoo on his neck.
Jose Francisco Canales a 43-year-old father of 7 children was last heard from on July 7, 2018 in Harrah, Washington where he resided with his wife of nineteen years. He was last seen at La Guadalupana (a store in Harrah) on July 6, 2018 where he cashed his paycheck. The next day, July 7th, he called his boss to report that he would not be coming into work that day. This was the last time anyone saw or heard from Canales. He is described as a Hispanic male, 5’7” or 5’8” in height and 145 lbs. with brown hair and eyes. He has a scar on his left hand about 1” in length and a tattoo of a heart on his right arm/shoulder area. He was last seen wearing along-sleeved t-shirt (possibly green), blue jeans, brown sneakers and a blue baseball cap. He has a receding hairline and some gray hairs in his beard. Canales may be driving a gray 1994 Ford Ranger single cab pickup truck with the Washington license plate number B53351T. There may be a green 2018 Polaris 450HO four-wheeler in the bed of the truck; it has the vehicle identification number (VIN) 4XASEA509JA252860. Canales's case remains unsolved.
Rolando Gabriel "Gabby" Gutierrez, of Mabton has been missing since Sept. 16, 2017. The 44-year-old was the oldest of six siblings and was close to his family. When his family last heard from him, Gutierrez was in Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point, a Mexican fishing and resort city on the Gulf of California. He was staying in the area and had weekly phone contact with his family. Gabby was planning to come home for his niece’s birthday in October, but he never made it. One of his sisters worried that Gabby was “wrapped up” in the drug trade. In November 2019, forensic scientists in the Mexican state of Sonora announced that they had recovered 52 bodies and skeletons from a mass grave near Puerto Peñasco. Gabby’s family told an Associated Press reporter that they thought there might be a chance his body was among them, but this is not known for certain. Rolando “Gabby” Gutierrez is described as either a Hispanic or a mixed race (Caucasian/ Hispanic) male who is 5’10” in height and weights 180-260 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes but he shaves his head. He also has a zodiac cancer symbol tattooed on his arm and has pierced nipples. There is currently a go fund me for Gabby’s family so one of his siblings can travel to Mexico to give their DNA for comparison. Mexican authorities are investigating this case.
Kristopher Fowler, 34, was last seen Oct. 12, 2016. Fowler, affectionately known as "Sherpa" and “Kris” was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and had started at the border with Mexico with a goal of completing the 2,800-mile trek to the Canadian border. He was last seen in the White Pass area only a few hundred miles from his destination. Kris was last seen at a convenience store in very rural Yakima county. Kris is described as a white male, 6’2” and 165 lbs. He has blonde hair and beard and blue eyes. He is believed to be lost in the wilderness. His step mother still hopes the body can be recovered some day. Those with information should call the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office at 509-574-2500.
Joseph Eric Miranda Jr., 24, has been missing from Granger since May 26, 2016. Reports say Joseph went to his bedroom on May 26, 2016 around 10:30 pm after talking with his father. His mother went to check on him in the morning but he was nowhere to be found. She last saw him late on the evening of May 25, 2016 and initially thought he had gone on a walk never returned. It is unclear if Miranda and his wife also lived at the house with his parents or if he was only staying there. According to one source, Miranda left his wife a note that said he “wouldn’t be seeing her for a while.” Miranda had a bank card and a cellphone with him when he disappeared, but because the cellphone was a government issued phone (a burner phone maybe?) it cannot be pinged. His bank card was last used on May 25th to buy a soda at a gas station and it has never been used again. He left his keys and his car at his parent’s home. There has been some activity on Miranda’s social security card but it is unknown if the user is Miranda or an identity thief. Joseph’s favorite movie is a 2014 film called Wild, about a girl who hikes through the wilderness of the Pacific Crest trail. His family worries he embarked on a similar journey and either got lost of met with foul play. They ask that if Joseph is out there to please contact them so that they know he is alive and well.
Joseph is described as a Hispanic male, 5’7” or 5”8 and 180-195 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes. Miranda had long hair and a beard at the time of his disappearance and usually wore his hair long but occasionally cut it very short. He wears prescription eyeglasses with silver frames. He has a strawberry birthmark on his chest and a small mole on his upper lip. When last seen he was wearing multi colored swim trunks, a green long-sleeved shirt and superman flip flops. He often wears flip flops, his Rx glasses, and bandanas or hats on his head. If you have seen Miranda or have information please called the Granger PD at 509-854-2656.
Chad Nathan Stotz-Gomez, 36 of Union Gap, drifted between homeless camps at the time of his disappearance, but talked to his mother and other family members regularly. He was last seen on July 10th 2015. He has not been seen or heard from since. Some believe that this case is connected to the case of Cody Turner (details below). The same day Stotz-Gomez disappeared, there was shooting at a homeless camp between Yakima and Selah, Washington. The victim, a 36-year-old woman, was injured but the victim has not cooperated with law enforcement and no arrests have been made. Police found Stotz-Gomez's DNA at the shooting scene. Some have speculated that the shooting is connected to the November 2015 murder of Norma Emmerson, who was shot in the head outside East Selah, Washington. Some reports say Norma had information about a homicide committed by her ex-boyfriend, Raven Cutler. Cutler ultimately pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Cutler told Cody Turner's mother he'd seen Cody Turner (case below) and Stotz-Gomez together in downtown Yakima, but his information has not been verified. Other witnesses believe that the two men, Turner and Stotz-Gomez, knew each other casually and believe that their disappearances must be related.
In the past Stotz-Gomez has lived in New York and Montana and he may have traveled there. At the time of his disappearance, was required to check in weekly with the police. Stotz-Gomez is described as a Hispanic or mixed-race Hispanic/Caucasian male, 5’9” and 180-190 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes and usually wears a beard. He has the following tattoos: barbed wire on his upper left arm, a skull with wings on his right arm, the letters "SUR" on one hand, the number 13 on the other hand, and a small cholo face on his chest. If you have any information please contact the Yakima County Sheriff's Office 509-574-2550.
Cody Turner, 24, was last seen July 26, 2015, in Yakima leaving the home he shared with his father and grandparents. Cody had been gone that day with his dog Ariel but arrived at the home in the evening where he ate, showered, and picked up some cigarettes before leaving the house again. He had his cellphone on him but since July 28th, 2015 the phone has gone straight to voicemail. According to some sources Cody was homeless at the time of his disappearance but according to others he lived at his grandparent’s house with his father. Cody has a history of meth usage and his family believes he was using at the time of his disappearance. Despite his drug use, Cody’s family said he usually returned home every evening and talked to his family daily. He does not have a history of dropping out of sight or being out of touch with his family.
Cody is described as a white male 5'5 - 5'7, 150 - 170 pounds. He has sandy colored hair and green eyes. He keeps his hair very short and tidy. He sometimes wears facial hair (a goatee and mustache) which he keeps short. Turner's nickname is Cooter. He has two scars, one on his left wrist and one on his abdomen. His ears and tongue are pierced, but he had stopped wearing his earrings and tongue ring prior to his disappearance. Turner has the following tattoos: the name "Natilie" with flames and barbed wire on his right bicep, three skulls with swords going through them on his left bicep, and a tribal stamp on the inside of his upper left arm. Turner has previously fractured his left foot and he smokes cigarettes. His case may be connected to Chad- Stotz Gomez’s case which is why it is included in this piece, even though he has no connection to the reservation.
Justin Lee McConville has been missing from Toppenish since sometime in January 2015. He was 24 years old at the time and was last seen on the Yakama reservation, but often travels to Oregon and fishes along the Columbia River. Some sources say he is nomadic and had no permanent address but others say he lives in Toppenish. Justin is described as a Native American male with long brown hair which he wears in a pony tail and brown eyes. McConville has a half-sleeve tattoo of a Native American man, Chief Joseph, on his upper right arm. He also has a tattoo of a tribal fishing design on his left arm and a tattoo of a Native American design on his back. He is 6’0”-6’2” and weights 165 lbs. Yakama Tribal Police are investigating. They can be reached at 509-865-2933.
Anthony “Tony” Peters, also known as Anthony Colfax Peters, 56, was last seen in October 2014 at Legends Casino in Toppenish. According to his sister, Peters was homeless at the time, living with relatives or friends or elsewhere when necessary, but he regularly talked to his family and friends. According to his sister, Alfrieda, Tony like many homeless individuals had a complicated life. His temper sometimes got him into trouble, but eventually he always came around. His sister remembers him as a natural born artist who did powwow dancing, beadwork, and drawing for fun. He was also a good singer. In the past, he has been known to travel to other nearby reservations such as the Umatilla or Warm Springs. He has also been known to travel to Seattle. He would drop out of sight from time to time, but never for more than a few weeks.
Tony is described as a Native American male with black hair and brown eyes. Peter’s nickname is Tony, and he may use the name Anthony Colfax Peters. He has an overlapped front tooth and one front tooth is missing. He is 5’6” and his weight fluctuates regularly. His missing person case remains open with the Yakama Nation Police Department, number 15-006132.
Roland Elton Woodall Sconawah a Yakama by birth was last seen in either Lyle or Dallesport Washington in November, 2013. Both communities lie on the Columbia river in Klickitat county in what was once the land of the Yakama people. Tribal members have fishing rights in the area even though it is not technically on the reservation. This is where Roland was last seen. The 23-year-old was somewhat transient. He went missing under unclear circumstances. Roland is described as a Native American male with brown eyes and black hair. He stands at 5'6 - 5'8, and weighs 140 - 160 pounds. He is sometimes referred to as Roland Sconawah Sam. Klickitat county sheriff’s office 509-773-4545, is investigating.
Ira Kennedy Yallup Sr. was last seen at the Lone Pine fishing site near The Dalles, OR. in May 2010. His family has offered a $1,000 reward for information about his whereabouts. He is a Native male in his 50s with black hair. No other vital statistics are available and he does not even have a Charley Project page. Yakama tribal police are investigating.
Francisco Javier Mendoza was 27 years old when he was last seen in the early morning hours of June 8th 1994 leaving a 7-11 convenience store in Toppenish. Francisco was with two friends at the time. Later that morning, the three friends were outside of Toppenish when their car broke down. Francisco apparently went walking in the direction of town in order to get help and vanished into the night. He has never been seen again. Few details are available and his friends’ story is considered suspicious. Francisco is described as a Hispanic male, 5’5” in height weighing 160 lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes. Mendoza may have a mustache, beard or a goatee. Some agencies may spell his first name "Franciso." He was wearing a white tank top, shorts and sneakers when he was last seen. Toppenish police are investigating, 509-865-4355.
Lawrence Jay "Larry" Riegel, 57 of Yakima worked as a carpenter and contract pilot before breaking four vertebrae, and injury that left him disabled. Right before going missing Larry had a surgery on his neck and some sources claim he was in a neck brace. Unable to work, Riegel was collecting disability. The last contact anyone had with Larry took place on Christmas day, 2009. He contacted several relatives and friends including a call to his mother to thank her for some clothes she bought him for the holiday. He was supposed to join his family in Yakima for a belated Christmas dinner on Dec. 26, 2009, but he never showed up or called. Riegel’s family described him as a “chatty Cathy” who talked to just about anyone and had daily phone contact with his friends and family. Riegel’s last phone call took place at approximately 5:30 pm on Christmas day. It is believed that the call was made to Riegel’s tenants who rented a farm from him in Union Gap, a town on the reservation. His tenants owed him $3000 in back rent.
Riegel lived with his girlfriend, Ladena Mann before he went missing. Mann claimed that the couple argued on Christmas day and Riegel left the home presumably to go see his tenants. She also claimed that Riegel assaulted her either on Christmas day or on January 4th before disappearing. When Mann tried to report this assault weeks later, she was unable because she had no injuries or proof of violence. Mann used Riegel’s money and EBT card after he disappeared as well as applied for her own EBT card claiming she still lived with Larry. Mann was charged with welfare fraud and perjury, but charges were dropped when she paid back the money and entered a diversion program. In one media interview she claimed that Larry is still alive and that he has “contacted several people” since going missing. She thinks Larry is residing in Idaho or Montana and has accused his family of knowing where he is. Ladena Mann is a person of interest in Larry’s disappearance as are his tenants, the last known people to have spoken to him. Riegel’s family is offering a $25,000 for information in the homicide investigation that leads to his remains. They have billboards all over the Yakima valley asking for information. Larry’s mother, aged 90, still drives around rural areas searching for his body.
Riegel is described as a white male with gray hair, a gray mustache, and hazel eyes. He is 6’2” and weights 200 lbs. He has surgical scars on his left knee and a prominent vertical scar on his neck from recent surgery to fix four broken vertebrae. He often wears eyeglasses and he has a limp in his left leg. He is also an alcoholic who frequented neighborhood bars. Yakima Police Department Yakima Police Department (509-576-6573) is investigating.
Donnie Sampson, 71, a well-known religious leader, had been serving for eight years on the Tribal Council’s Code of Ethics Committee when he disappeared in the fall of 1994 while hunting elk about 45 miles west of White Swan, near Mt. Adams. Donnie had a heart problem and had been prescribed nitroglycerin as a result. Right before his disappearance, he told his daughter that he (and the ethics committee) “was getting into something that’s going to make everybody mad.” He even went so far to tell her that he would be “making enemies” and that she and the community would hear about his findings soon enough. He had been investigating rumors of corruption in the tribal council and the housing authority before he went missing, but other committee members refused to elaborate on the matter.
Donnie’s truck was found Oct. 30, 1994, in the foothills of Mount Adams by volunteer searchers, but searchers found no trace of Sampson. His nitroglycerin, lunch, clothing and three rifles were found in his truck. A fourth rifle he left home with disappeared with him. Donnie’s children say tribal police has done little to investigate the disappearance, which they believe is a result of foul play. For example, his children were never interviewed and his truck was found by volunteers, not official search and rescue. Tribal authorities believe that the elderly Sampson simply got lost while hunting. There are no photos or description of Donnie Sampson available. He does not even have a Charley Project page. Tribal police are investigating.
Roland Jack Spencer III disappeared in late May 1984. He was 3 years old when last seen in the area of Knight Lane and Campbell Road in Wapato, although some sources say he was last seen in Toppenish. Roland is presumed to have been abducted by a non-family member, when he was in the yard. Curiously, Roland’s mother died under suspicious circumstances several years earlier (her case is featured in my previous write up). After her death Roland moved in with his great-aunt. Roland is described as a 3-year-old Native American male, with black hair and brown eyes. Roland has a scar on his abdomen. His nickname is Do-Boy and he may go by his middle name, Jack. Roland has some severe medical issues and disabilities. One website explains that Roland experienced brain damage in the womb which lead to his medical issues. Despite his hardships, he was a happy child who loved playing with cars. He is classified as mentally disabled, hard of hearing, and suffers from epilepsy. He takes medication to control his condition and may fall into a coma without it. He can only walk a few steps at a time and has very limited vocabulary and speaking skills. He was last seen wearing corduroy pants, a long sleeved red and white shirt, and tan boots. His was declared legally dead in 2000. Yakama tribal police are investigating, (509) 865-2933.
Darryl Keith Celestine of Zillah, was murdered Sept. 25, 1988, in Wapato. He was found strangled outside his home. Darryl, a Yakama, was only 22 years old at the time. His murder is unsolved. Very little information is available.
What happened to these men? Why are so many people missing from such a sparsely populated area?
These sources are a good place to start.
The Charley Project and NAMUS
If you are interested in this issue as a whole, I suggest this podcast by Canadian journalist Connie Walker who explains and dives deeply into the issues discussed in the piece. You can listen to the podcast Missing and Murdered here:,in%20British%20Columbia%20in%201989.
If you are interested in the cases of other missing Native Americans, my write ups on the Teekah Lewis and Bryce Herda cases can be found here on my reddit profile.
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[WTS] U.S. Trade tokens, type coins, Morgans, invasion money, mint/proof sets, Eisenhower dollars, and other graded U.S. silver/gold coins.

MAKE OFFERS. I'm selling off a chunk of my collection so I can justify buying other stuff I want, and I'm trying to price it to move. Proof:

Shipping will be $8 for Priority Mail small flat rate box (or at cost for larger flat-rate boxes), or $4 if you are at less than 10 oz total and want the First Class Mail option. If you want to buy multiple pieces, feel free to make an offer. Worst I can say is no. Obviously the grades listed are my own opinions - see pics to verify for yourself.

Payment options accepted (in order of preference): Venmo, Google Pay, Cash App, PPFF, Zelle, PPG&S (add 4%).




Wartime notes / Invasion money:

Eisenhower dollars:

Silver commemoratives:

Mint / proof sets:

Trade tokens ($3 each):

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Need advice about touring the West Coast/South West in US

To give some background about myself: I am a brown guy in his late 20s that has been living in the United States for more than 5 years now. Using a throwaway account because my some people irl know what my primary reddit account is and I do not want them reading this post.
Due to the culture and the very abusive environment that I was brought up in, I have never been able to have a lot of meaningful relationships, not in my native country and not since I have moved to the United States, which means that I like to travel alone and I mostly keep to myself. You maybe wondering what that has to do with my post on this sub, but I'm getting to it.
One of the very few people that I can say that truly always had my best interests at their heart and have always supported me to the best of their abilities (and financially supported me when I had to move to the US) lives back in my native country. That person is going through some pretty serious health issues right now and they need someone to support them. I couldn't just leave them to their devices in these tough times, so I have made the very hard decision to move back home to support them. I have already put in my notice at my current job (which ends in 3 weeks), and since I am here on an employment based Visa right now, I have 2 months to leave the US and would ideally like to leave around the New year's day.
I have spent most of my time in the United States working and traveling in the South and the East Coast and I feel that I have explored as many places as I could in these parts of the US, so there are no regrets there. But one significant regret I have is that I've never really had the chance to explore much of the west coast or the South West (besides a trip to Vegas where I unfortunately spent most of my time on the strip in the Casinos), so I would really like to visit these places before the end of this year. My budget is up to $7000 (for motels and rental cars) but I am not entirely sure on what places I should visit and where I should start and end my trip and where I would stay if I were to make this trip (and how suitable the weather conditions are). I've always found the pics with nothing but the desert on both sides of the road in Nevada and Arizona highly fascinating and have always wanted to drive around on those roads. I also have a motorcycle license and would love to ride on those roads but I am not sure if it is as easy to get a motorcycle rental as it is to get a car rental (and how safe/expensive it would be).
Assuming that I have 4 days off for the Thanksgiving weekend and 3 weeks between the 11th of December - 1st of January, what places would you recommend if I want to travel the West coast and the South West alone? I have heard that the drive from Oregon - California is very beautiful and is adjacent to a beach, so I would like to cover too that if possible. I would also like to make a trip to the Grand Canyon but I don't know if this is the right season for that. I am feeling even more clueless than I would have in normal times due to the pandemic and the potential lockdown in California. So any advice you would have for me that would help me in doing one or more of the following things would be highly appreciated.
  1. Ride a Motorcycle/Drive a Car around in Nevada/Arizona desert area
  2. Make the beautiful drive from Oregon - California
  3. Visit the Grand Canyon
  4. Stops at any other national parks/places with amazing views
I apologize for any incorrect assumptions I made in this post. I have mostly relied upon what people have told me and what I found on some blogs to form my opinion about the places I mentioned above, so I could be wrong in some cases. I am not sure if I will get the chance to visit the United States again, so I would like to make the most of what little time I have left here and visit as much of the western part of this country as I can before I leave. Thank you for taking the time to read this far into the post :)
Edit: Thank you very much to everyone who responded. I’ve had a crazy week and didn’t have the time to respond but I really appreciate all the info that I gathered from the answers. Have a great holiday season all!
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Doris Daiker (April 19, 1924 - Dec. 8, 2020)

Doris M. (Ottem) Daiker
April 19, 1924 - Dec. 8, 2020
Doris was born to Ibsen and Effie Ottem in Langdon, N.D., and passed away in Oregon City, Ore.
She graduated from St. Olaf College, and taught in Knappa, Estacada, and retired from West Linn High School in 1984. Doris was active in the West Linn Riverview Lions, Oregon City Elks Lodge, and St. John the Apostle Catholic Church. In retirement she traveled the world, loved spending time with her family, working out at the pool, venturing to casinos, watching sports, especially the Blazers, Gonzaga and the Seahawks, and playing cards. We will miss her baking, home cooked meals, and beach trips.
She is survived by seven children; 20 grandchildren; and 24 great-grandchildren. Uff Da! She was preceded in death by her husband, George; son, Charles; her parents; and siblings.
Funeral will be held at 11 a.m., Dec. 15, 2020, at St. John the Apostle. See full obituary at:
Please sign the online guest book at
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Post history analysis

Three months, -62, this should be interesting.
Racist, anti-indigenous narrative
Sexist and calling out political nuance as shilling
Pro-Murdoch, calling leftists 'babies' and spelling scrutinise with a 'z'
Calling to defund the ABC
Pro-police, removed for homophobic slur but still visible on your profile
Arson narrative (the one that distracts from climate change realities), likely removed for defending Mango Mussolini
Pro-police, anti-disability, sexist and removed
And of course your comment here, pro-fossil fuels and fracking. Sounds like being a shill is hard work, I admire your non-linearity
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A Tale of Two Immortal Bank Robbers: Chapter Five, Part 19.5: The Beginning of the End

Act 1: The Steakhouse
The Golden Grin was always a prosperous casino, my business was booming with waves of gamblers pouring their life savings into my vault like how tea gets poured into the teacup. I had to settle a few things internally within my management, but nothing new for me, especially for trips back to either Makai or the Lunar Capital.
Me, Dust, Kaguya, Mom, and Yumeko were to meet up in a high class steakhouse around Murkywater's airport. Located below a steep hillside and being considered a "restricted area," it was the perfect place for Murkywater, a convenient place to hide stash dark secrets while being off the radar.
My bodyguard, an ex-GenSec Elite, was with me in the front seat of my Falcogini. I was going to meet up with 5 at the steakhouse with my bodyguard driving the car back to the Grin. Luckily for me, I had a deal with GenSec where my personal vehicle would be transported anyone under my request, they needed to save face and have financial gain after being embarrassed by my crew.
"I'll stop here. Here are the keys, drive back to GenSec and say that I was dropped off in the proper location, got it?"
"Yes, Mr.Hoxworth."
I parked the car and gave the keys to my bodyguard. Then, then started driving off to to the airport so that he can park this thing back in Vegas. Loyal guy I must say, does my requests without asking questions. No matter how questionable the circumstances are.
Now to wait for Dust, Kaguya, Mom, and Yumeko. For whatever reason, they didn't have transportation, so I paid Twitch to pick them up with his van and promised to let him eat dinner with us, I supposed it was the least I could do to keep him as a reliable getaway.
After smoking a cigarette outside in the smoking area, the 5 of them arrived. I pressured Dust and Kaguya to look a "little different" as I don't need to answer stupid questions from any 'heroes.' My mother and Yumeko were fine, since none of the bastards could of knew anything about Makai.
After properly introducing the 5 of us to Twitch, the 6 of us walked in the steakout. The employee at the front had to write down our names due to "company policy" and that nonsense. Knowing 2 of them were wanted fugitives, I gave them these names in order, from me, Mom, Yumeko, Dust, Kaguya, and Twitch, respectively.
  1. James Hoxworth
  2. Lucifer Hoxworth
  3. Yumeko Hoxworth
  4. Dustin Wang
  5. Teruyo Houraisan
  6. Neil MacCauley#Twitch)
My status as the owner of the most prosperous casino on Earth made the employee's eyes shine brighter than that one time where Sariel pulled a mean joke on me and said I was locked up in Heaven. I'm still going to get her for that. Cheeky bastard.
"I-it's been an honor serving you. M-Mr.Hoxworth. May I get a trip to your casino to gamble or something? This job is pretty dead end..."
I just looked away and smiled, it was stressful living a quad life as a casino tycoon, bank robber, Lunarian prince, and demon lord.
Now my mother and older sister were interested in the human world, as it's been something they've taken a interest in ever since that failed tour agency. And with my return, they wanted to see what I've accomplished in the human world and learn my experienced.
I knew what I wanted, a ribeye steak with mashed potatoes and loaded cauliflower, along with their finest beer. Mom and Yumeko were confused on what they wanted, so I told them that I can cover them, I mean I've seen Yumeko cook before, I can identify exactly what would satisfy them.
Twitch was asking if this dinner would cut his overall payment, knowing that he's important for the plan and wanting to be on his good side, I promised him that it wouldn't and that this would be a professional courtesy. After settling that with him, he ordered steak burger, fries, steamed vegetables, and a Coke. I was about to taunt him about stealing his fries and saying that's the payment, but not in front of my mom. That's embarrassing.
Kaguya and Dust ordered the same steak and beverage, being sirloin, and sake. I mean I like sake, but it wasn't made by the Lunarians or Eirin so I just ditched it for an all-time favorite Earthly drink of mine, being some proper tea. For the side, Dust got broccoli, and Kaguya got a loaded potato.
After finishing my meal, I went outside to the smoking area, checked for eavesdroppers, took out my phone, and called Dallas, he was going to be needed soon to transport all the youkai and whoever Murkywater was keeping hostage, "Hey Nathan... it's James. You think you could sail in your yacht around Oregon?"
"Sure buddy, I missed seeing us 4 together. Me, Nicolas, Wolf, and you. Like old times. Say... how's the Grin, I heard you've been making massive profits. You doing OK over there?"
"Yep, I fucking am. Anyways, be seeing you Dallas."
"Farewell, Hoxton."
Dallas was the first of many calls I had to make, now I gotta call Bile, since he would be delivering Twitch to Dallas' yacht, and being part of multiple escape plans I had for Hell's Island. Either we get out through plane, yacht, or multiple helicopter extractions.
After discussing what the helicopter might need to do, I finished my call with Bile, it was time to make one final one with Locke before the airport raid.
"Heyo, Locke."
"Ahh, Hoxton, you chop. You want to know more about the Murkywater operations, yes? Fo' sho!
Hey listen, I heard that their final 2 planes, similar to the one back in the Birth of Sky Job that I smuggled you onto... they're leaving from that airport I told you about, with their final place being Hell's Island. Now I couldn't get exact details, but those dwankie bastards have made some upgrades from last time. This one is for Bain... yeah?"
"Yeah Locke, this one is for Bain, we owe him one...
anyways, I'll be seeing you on the Medic Bag..."
"Anyways... it seems that those Murky Bastards are losing. If you think you got a little bit more lead in your pencil and wanted to fu-"
"Locke, shut up! My mom is going outside, gotta hang up."
My mom walked outside and asked who I was talking to. I just replied that it was an old friend of mine. Now she was uncomfortable knowing what she had to do. After all, ever since Mystic Square, she has been completely reluctant to use her full power.
But I had to keep persuading her that this one was for Alice. I know how that would fuck with her psyche, but I wanted to send GenSec and Murkywater a message that they were fucked, and that she would die for Alice.
After talking to Mom a little more and hanging up on Locke, the waiter responsible for our food gave us the bill and I paid up. They offered desserts and I could easily pay for that, but those 5 were done, it was pretty cheap all things considered.
We were ready to take on Murkywater's last stand. Twitch had stashed Kaguya and Dust's weapons in his van, while my stuff was located in a pocket dimension. We're finishing this war my first crew started with Murkywater, and there's nothing they can do about it...
Us 6 went in the van, Twitch was obviously driving, I called shotgun, and everyone else could suffer in the back. Not my problem. This was it, if my first crew couldn't put the final nail in Murkywater's coffin, then this crew will.

Act 2: Murky Airport
"Hey Twitch, thanks for doing this for us."
"No problem, man. Hey, I'm supposed to go to a helicopter, right? I'm supposed to meet up with a guy named Bile?"
"Yeah... tell him that Hoxton sent you. Enjoy your free stay on a luxury yacht."
"I'm going to miss driving this baby for a bit. My beautiful hunk of metal."
We took our gear and got off this hillside above this dirty Murkywater den. Those bastards took my sister, my boss. Now I will take them. I don't care who's responsible, whether those Kataru bastards have returned or not, it's the beginning of the end for them, the final crackdown.
I grabbed an old friend of mine, my M1A SOCOM 16, my best friend since the first Green Bridge job, sniping coppers across that gauntlet. Wielding my silenced Bernetti and my akimbo Glock 18s. The plan was for me to blow off any heads of camping pigs on the control tower while the 4 others storm the place. I don't know how Mom will feel about doing what I have planned, not after what happened last time, but she would do anything for Alice's safety...
Sliding down the hill, I drew my silenced pistol and shot a Murkywater guard in the back of the head. I know tripping any alarms, even for a brief second will cause the cops to come assault us, and with their firing advantage up in that control tower, I need to take that over.
Hearing the guard barely breathing, I snapped his neck and threw him in a dumpster, leaving a small blood trail behind, I only have minutes now before some rent-a-soldier gets suspicious and raises the alarm. Good thing my 6th sense detected nobody around the control tower. It was time to climb a tower!
I grew 6 wings and began scaling the tower, while I could just fly us quickly, I also run the risk of letting someone hear me, at least with climbing, I just need to hide in the shadows and let my wings do the work. I had other tricks, but I forgot to plan for those, and I rather not risk failing because something sounds or even is easier.
Cutting open the window with my wings, I turned intangible and slit the throat of all the guards and eye of the cameras with my wings. I could grow as many as I desired to, but 6 felt just right. I took whatever equipment they had to make an improvised rope or chain or something of that nature, using their handcuffs and other equipment, I chained the door together. Salvaging whatever I could use on the Hell's Island raid, I signaled the 4 to go... 2 hangers. 2 planes.
With my rifle in hand, and a happy trigger finger, it was time to have some fun again. Let's do this!
Dust's Perspective Now
Something in my body feels odd, like it wants to jump out, but it knows that now is not the time. For us 4, we understand we need to secure the airport to leave. I don't know exactly what Hoxton was saying outside the steakhouse, but he probably knows what he's doing. After all, he's one of the most notorious members of his gang.
I heard multiple back-to-back gunshots and a guy yelling "Sound the alarm, we got enemy snipers!" That was a signal for us to rush in and go in guns a-blazing, but it was just me, Yumeko, and Kaguya that was storming the hangar. For Shinki... I saw 6 white wings sprouting out her back, but she wasn't flying, or doing anything... what the Hell was she doing?
Hearing the sirens and desperation of Murkywater. Something felt bad after sliding down the hill into cover, I heard, "ALRIGHT!!! The turrets are about to be here any minute, time to turn this around!" over a megaphone. I didn't want to look behind me, maybe Shinki had a death wish, maybe she had something else in mind. It didn't matter, this was Hoxton's mother, and knowing Hox's capabilities, she probably has her own surprises.
Taking my Tempest-21s, I stormed the first hanger with Kaguya. Popping Murkies with my wife, we make a good team, but above all, a good couple. Yumeko went alone to Hangar 2 by herself. I peeked around a corner and unloaded, Kaguya leapt over me and possibly decapitated a few guards. My ammo was running dry, and I reloaded. I then heard the bulletstorm trying to force Kaguya out of cover.
I saw a distortion in front of me. Yumeko, that's her, right? I hope so. We saw her running through, turning intangible into a green outline the split second a bullet would of hit her. The guards were yelling things such as, "THIS IS A COLOSSAL GOATFUCK!" and "Who the fuck are these guys, ex-military?!!"
Since the guards were focused on Yumeko, with Hoxton laughing his ass off at everyone who tried to hide behind a van or something. I used my small time window with Yumeko taking them on, I inspected the Murky hardware. They had things that I could sell at a healthy profit.
Unmarked weaponry, with an excess of battle rifles, specifically Eagle Heavies along with 7.62x51 rounds, Jackals with .45 ACP, and so much more. I think Hoxton would love the spare 7.62x51 with his M308, as he's been doing some great work as a sniper. I started bagging up the things that I could steal for myself and sell at a healthy price and smuggled it onto the plane.
Checking for Murkywater PMCs in the plane, I realized that we might need them alive, so I called over Kaguya and we intentionally crippled anyone else remaining inside. It seemed that Hox knew exactly that they were starting their preparations for leaving. How deep does this guy's connections go? Taking their handcuffs, me and Kaguya chained them together.
"We'll play with these soon~ but for now, we gotta get everyone off Hell's Island."
I went outside and it seemed that Yumeko is standing down the SWAT Van turrets, red lasers and guns were pointed at her and started firing, but Shinki showed up and took it all.
Us 3 took cover and saw what was there, an army of GenSec Elites, FBI SWATs, SWAT turrets, and helicopters.
What the fuck was she trying to pull off without fighting back? A peace offering? Not with possibly dozens, or even hundreds of armed officers willing to kill us. But her wings started to glow darker, and there I heard her speaking. It was unsettling, especially with demonic presence encompassing us all.
"Doing this last time hurt me more than anything... all the pantheon of so-called gods that tried attacking me. Any ungrateful demon from eons past that tried rebelling against their mother in a sad attempt to overthrow her. Nothing will hurt as what I did to my realm before...
However... you took Alice and her friends away, and for that, you will pay dearly. You only have seconds to enjoy what is left of your tiny lives."
We heard at least millions of rounds being fired from all the turrets, JP36s, Jackals, M1014s, CAR-4s, R870s, and whatever GenSec and the FBI had up their sleeve, but it was useless against her, no bullet holes, no flinching, no reaction. Just a very pissed off Shinki.
We all watched as Shinki unleashed her wrath onto the cops. As fires raged throughout the improvised wall of cops, SWAT Vans, and helicopters, I heard the screams. The explosions, the wreckage, all of that shocked us with the pure violence that was displayed in front of our very eyes.
Back at San Martin, we were shocked at what Sariel did, but Shinki. Holy shit, we're glad she's on our side! There were lasers that appeared to be unmaking anything it touches, spikes that would pierce through cop and vehicle alike before impaling themselves into something, and snake creatures cleaning up the wreckage.
I took this time to steal more of Murkywater's loot for myself as Shinki was destroying everything. I though to myself, Wait... if she's indiscriminately firing at them, then how are we not getting hit? Then I saw it, Hoxton was using his magic and his hands were starting to shake. He was taking the full force of Shinki's wrath!
I saw that he was approaching us and was a bit tired.
"Alright you wankers... don't fucking tell my Mom that my hands were broken in order to protect you from god's fucking wrath. She still has flashbacks from that shite back in Mystic Square, don't need that to be the first thing in her mind, got it?"
Hoxton took out one of his first aid kits and found a gauze, he wrapped his hands in a fashion to that of a boxer, while saying. "Heh, I wasn't allowed to do this for bare knuckle brawling. Gonna love to punch some Murkies today. Ha ha ha."
After overhearing that the police will retreat with a bigger assault force that would involve the ZEALs, the National Guard, and possibly the entire U.S. military. Remembering what happened the last time the military was going to be called in, we had to go quickly, or else we'll be eating an anti-aircraft gun for desert, or a nuclear missile...
"Hey wankers... get prepared, I'm going to do something."
Hoxton's Last Word: Makai's Rebirth ~ Apocalyptic Undoing
"I can't hold on to this for too long... fuck. I turned this place into a part of Makai temporarily... dimensional barrier confusing the pigs. JUST FUCKING GO!!!"
The sky turned even darker than the night sky we were under, it was so beautiful in it's own way, it was feeling like a demonic reflection of this world in many ways... maybe I should take the rest of Eientei to Makai for vacation, I know the Buddhist monk was sealed there and she thought it was a nice place.
Going back onto the plane, with all their equipment smuggled, I asked Yumeko for a flaming sword and interrogated a few of them. After some resistance, which was short-lived as Hoxton broke their bones with each hit, we found the pilots, and had to do lots of persuading to get Shinki to possess them.
"I didn't want to do this... there's a reason I left. Oh well... this one is for Alice."
Shinki then possessed them, forcing them to start flying, I had an idea to make an entrance to Hell's Island. Now I still wanted my beautiful firearms to sell, and maybe this idea might have them burn up in flames. But... this is for Gensokyo.
I went on the plane with everyone else behind me. Shinki completely took over the souls of the pilots and and we were starting to fly out the airport. I saw Yumeko giving Kaguya one of her flaming swords. I felt that Hoxton's Last Word started to end and it finished with a demonic storm. I heard the sirens and ultimatums over a radio. Now, it would be the best time to go.
Few minutes later, in the sky...
"That's right, we're getting out by a yacht. Don't worry, I know the guy who owns that boat. But first, we better make sure Hell's Island is forever destroyed...
You're still worried about my hands... aren't you? Well I'll just tell you something, I can't be as trigger happy as I usually am, still doesn't mean I won't be able to tear a Murk in 2."
"Hoxton... I feel strange, like something will happen. You know what's going on?"
"Nope, but it's something good, I know that much.
Anyways... I'm seeing if these twats have any good movies, if they don't, then I'm throwing them out the plane. It's not like they can track it back to u-"
"Hox... we still need them to blackmail Murky-"
"They have the entirety of Gensokyo in there, what fucking blackmail? These guys are the lowest of the low in Murkywater's army. Anyways, I'm watching a fucking movie with my mom."
Then, I left and took cupcakes from a refrigerator, grabbing 2 chairs at a table and eating them with Kaguya, we know what's happening next. We would ask Hoxton to call in the Lunarians, but Kaguya doesn't want to go back... regardless, this will be our tale against Murkywater, A Tale of Two Immortal Bank Robbers.
To be continued in Part 20 (Not by me)...
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EXTENSIVE write up on Missing and Murdered Indigenous women- Is there a serial killer on the Yakama Reservation?

Missing and Murdered Indigenous women
If you have spent any time reading about true crime, you probably know that American Indian/ Native American women go missing from the United States and Canada at alarming rates. On some reservations, women experience violence and are victims of homicide at 10x the rate of women in other communities. It is a complex issue with prejudice and jurisdictional issues playing major roles. If you want to know more about the root of these issues, I suggest Missing and Murdered” podcast by Indigenous Canadian journalist Connie Walker, who explains the issues much better than I ever could; that podcast is linked below. Today, I want to highlight the stories of some of these women, specifically those missing from the Yakama community.
Washington state is home to the fifth largest Indian reservation in the United States, the Yakama reservation, which is home to the Klickitat, Palus, Wallawalla, Wenatchi, Whishram, Wanapum, and Yakama people. According to the US Census Bureau, only the Osage, Puyallup (also in Washington state), Navajo, and Choctaw reservations are more populous. The Yakama reservation is located in South Central Washington state, just south of the city of Yakima. Of the 31,000 people who live on the reservation, 11,000 are enrolled tribal members. Most people who live on the reservation claim Hispanic/Latino, white, or mixed-race ancestry, but Hispanic is by far the most common ethnic group. There are also small Filipino, Japanese, and Korean communities nearby. The Yakama reservation is located just south of the town of Yakima, Washington, a large farming community of 100,000 people. Apples, cherries, peaches, pears, and hops are all grown in the dry surrounding region. Harvest time brings thousands of migrant workers to the area, so the population is always in flux.
Outside of Yakima is the town of Union Gap (Pop. 8000), which is partially on the reservation, and partially off it. There are two other proper towns on reservation, Toppenish (pop. 8000) and Wapato (pop. 5000). Other small communities such as Satus, Harrah, White Swan, and Granger all boast several hundred residents each. All in all, the Yakama nation consists of 2,200 square miles of sprawling, rural land stretching from south central Washington nearly to the Oregon border. But from this unassuming patch of high desert and grassland, more than 30 Native women have gone missing/were murdered. If we add Native men to the equation, the number jumps to nearly 50 unsolved disappearances, deaths, and murders. If we add the deaths and disappearances of non-native people missing from the reservation, the number grows yet again. Although the land is vast, the tribal population is small. From my estimates over .5% of native people on the reservation are missing or murdered. Like many tribal communities, unemployment and poverty is common, appropriate housing is scare, and according to the tribal council "disregard for the rule of law and general civil unrest" as well as gun violence and substance abuse is common. In 2019 a youth curfew was instated after a particularly bad shooting.
According to the Washington State Patrol, the Yakama nation has the highest percentage of missing people of any Native community in the state, even though they are not the most populous. The FBI created a task force in 2009 to investigate the possibility of serial killer among the Yakama, but the investigation determined that a serial killer was unlikely, but not impossible. This was because the causes of death were so different from victim to victim. The investigation did close two cases on the reservation after DNA on both women linked them to a man serving life in an Oregon prison, but the man is not believed to be responsible for any other crimes in the inquiry. Whether a serial killer is loose on tribal land or not, this issue is complex and long standing and demonstrates how much substance abuse, domestic violence, and random crime affect the Native communities in this county at 10x the rate of other communities. Some progress has been made such as state bill 2951 which allows Washington state authorities to track cases and help investigate and search for missing individuals on tribal land. Because tribal lands are usually under federal jurisdiction, state authorities are not able to help, despite being more familiar with the area than the FBI. This is only one small step in the right direction and although awareness is growing, the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous people will not simply go away. The mystery of vanishing people still stands.
Many people have heard of this epidemic, but few know the names of the victims; today it is time to change that. Below are the profiles of 35 women who are missing, murdered, or who have suffered mysterious deaths. For some of the women very little information is available. The list below is not necessarily complete. If you know of other unsolved cases let me know in the comments below.
Quick guide:
Yakima- large town near, but not on, the reservation
Yakama- the tribe and people group
NOTE: all cases organized most to least recent and are broken down into missing, murdered, and mysterious categories
Tiana Cloud went missing from Yakima on April 7th, 2018. She was 17 years old at the time. She may be in local area, and she may have been located. She is a Native female, 5'4 ft, 162 lbs., brown eyes and brown hair. She has large dimples. Tiana was last seen Yakima WA. Very little information is available. Yakima police are investigating.
Freda Knowsgun or Knowshisgun has been missing since October 18th, 2016. Freda was from Montana and was registered with the Crow Agency. In the months before her disappearance her family reported that she was acting strangely and began drifting around the Northwest and spending time in southern Washington state. Freda was still close to her aunt and talked to her children sometimes, but was distancing herself from the rest of her family. Freda was last known to be at a customer service desk at a Walmart in Kennewick, Washington. Freda used her cell phone to call a friend to ask for money. She wanted to travel back home to Montana to spend Halloween with her children. Freda’s friend sent her the money but the money was never picked up. When she called Freda 15 minutes later, Freda’s cell phone was disconnected and no one has heard from her since. She did not return to Montana for Halloween or for her aunt’s funeral in November and she was reported missing. Freda’s family believes that she was abusing drugs at the time of her disappearance and they believe that Freda’s new friends in the drug scene may be involved with her disappearance. Law enforcement has reported that Freda’s new friends have not cooperated with the investigation into her disappearance. Freda may have been seen in Billings, Montana in December 2016 and she may be traveling with a black male named Mike. Freda is reported to be a 34-year-old Native American female with dark brown hair that is waist length which she wears in a ponytail or high bun. She has brown eyes, a scar on her right elbow, weights 160 lbs. and stands 5’5” in height. She has the following tattoos: the names "Lyrical", "Trinity" and "Mason" on her back between her shoulder blades, the cartoon character Mickey Mouse with a basketball on her right calf, and a flower on her right shoulder. She may use the last name "KnowsHisGun" and many accounts refer to her by that name. Her case is being investigated by Crow Agency Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Rosalita Faye Longee disappeared from her grandmother’s home in Wapato, Washington on June 30th, 2015 at 10 pm. Rosalita who went by Rose was 18 years old at the time. She is an enrolled member of the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes in Montana but had lived with her grandmother on the Yakama reservation since age 2. Rose visited her grandmother on the night of June 30th asking to stay with her but her grandmother refused as Rose was high on drugs at the time, and she had a rule that Rose could only live there when she wasn’t using. Rose may have been with friends at the time. Rose had struggled with addiction for years and had been in and out of rehab centers since age 16. This was the last time Rose was ever seen alive. Rosalita is described as a Native American female, 5’6”- 5’8” in height and about 130-140 lbs. She has black hair, brown eyes, pierced ears and lip, and scars on both wrists and both her chest. At the time of her disappearance she enjoyed taking photos and posting them on her Facebook page. Yakama Nation tribal police are investigating.
Roberta Jean Raines, 19 was last seen in Toppenish on July 10th, 2001. Roberta was with a man named Jose Merced Zamora at that time. In 2002, this man killed a teenage boy and fled the county going to Mexico. Roberta was apparently with him at the time. It was around this time that Roberta’s family realized they had not seen her in a while and they reported her missing. Jose was arrested in 2007 in Idaho and taken it custody for the murder of the boy. Jose Merced Zamora told the authorities that the last time he saw Roberta she was in Mexico and that they parted ways. Authorities do not believe this story. Roberta is described as Native American female, 5’2”-5’3” in height and 120 lbs. She has very arched eyebrows. Toppenish Police are investigating.
Karen Louise Johnley, sometimes referred to as Karen Johnley-Wallahee, was reported missing November 7th or 8th, 1987 by her cousin. She was last seen by a friend at the Lazy R Tavern in Harrah on the Yakama reservation. Karen’s cousin describes Karen as a 29-year-old female, five feet tall and 100 lbs. She was last seen wearing pink barrettes in her hair, a pink tee shirt, a Levi’s brand denim jacket, and white tennis shoes. She had long black hair and brown eyes. Her cousin expressed worried about the person Karen was last seen with. No pictures are available of Karen and she does not even have a Charley Project page. Tribal police are investigating. She remains a missing person.
Daisy Mae Tallman or Daisy Mae Heath age 29, was reported missing on October 29th, 1987. When her family was questioned it came to light that no one had seen Daisy since the end of August, 1987. Daisy’s sister remembers her as very independent, often leaving the reservation to visit friends and family on a different reservation in Warm Springs, Oregon, or leaving the area to go fishing. Daisy was a high school basketball player and was the youngest of 6 sisters who were all raised by their maternal grandparents. At the time of her disappearance, Daisy was staying with relatives in either Toppenish or White Swan. A year after she disappeared a set of keys and a backpack believed to be Tallman’s/Heath’s were found in a closed area of a reservation called Soda Springs. 7 years after her disappearance she was declared legally dead. One source mentions that one of Daisy’s sisters was murdered before her disappearance but I could find no corroborating source. Daisy is described as a Native American female aged 29 with black hair that extended down her back and brown eyes. She was 5’5’ and weighted 185 lbs. She also has given birth in the past. No pictures are available of Daisy and she does not even have a Charley Project page. The FBI is investigating. She remains a missing person.
Janice Marie Hannigan a sophomore at White Swan high school was the oldest of 7 children. In 1971 Janice’s parents had recently separated and Janice was living with her father in Harrah, Washington but visited her mother and younger siblings often. Janice was nominated to be Queen of the Veteran’s day parade in November 1971 and the newspaper even ran an article about her and the other nominated girls. According to her interview in the paper, Janice enjoyed beadwork, cooking, and watching football. A few weeks later on December 21st Janice was admitted to the hospital for the treatment of contusions on her head and torso. On December 24th she was released from the hospital in stable condition. The cause of Janice’s injuries, as well as the location she was treated at is unknown. Janice never made it home from the hospital; this was the last time anyone ever saw Janice alive.
Strangely, this was not the first time Janice had been reported missing. Janice may have been reported missing in February or March of 1971, although she was determined to be visiting relatives in Idaho with her father at that time. Because of this some agencies report that Janice went missing March 1st 1971 but that is not accurate.
Some agencies report that Janice is a possible runaway as she was upset about her parent’s separation, although Janice had never runaway before. One Law Enforcement office reports that Janice’s father is a person of interest in her case, but Janice’s sister Traci Clark denies this notion and says it is “not possible.” Traci was only 8 years old the last time she saw Janice, but she still looks for her big sister any chance she gets.
Angela Marie Heath of Toppenish, aged 41 died on April 5th, 2019. Her death is an unsolved hit and run. Very little information is available. Washington state patrol is investigating. She may (key word may) be related to Daisy Tallman-Health located above.
Rosenda Strong a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon, was last seen on October 2nd, 2018 climbing into an acquaintance’s car, reportedly an older Nissan, heading to Legends Casino in Toppenish. Legends is an alcohol-free resort and Casino on the reservation popular with locals and tourists alike. Rosenda never returned from the Casino and sadly her body was found in a discarded refrigerator nine months after she was last seen in July 2019. Her death was ruled a homicide but no other details have been released. Rosenda’s sister said that at first tribal police did not take the disappearance seriously as Rosenda had past problems with drugs and they believed she would come home soon. Rosenda’s sister, Cissy Reyes nee Strong, believes that the murderers are the fellow tribespeople Rosenda was last with and complains that she still sees them “walking the reservation free” and refusing to talk. Cissy remembers her sister for her big, loud laugh and she hopes that someday Rosenda will get justice. The FBI is investigating.
Jedidah Moreno was last seen alive in September, 2018 by her family in the city of Yakima, which is not on tribal land. The 30-year-old was reported missing in late November 2018. Her body was found in early December and she had been dead at least a few days. She had died from a gunshot wound in a rural part of the reservation that was closed to non-tribal members. One report (a blog) claims that Jedidah was a member of the Yakama nation but no other sources state this, so take this information with a grain of salt. Her case remains unsolved. City of Yakima police and the FBI are investigating. Little information is available.
Linda Dave 39 of White Swan, was last seen alive in late 2016 or early 2017. On February 15th 2017, a woman was found dead under a bridge in Toppenish. It was determined that the woman died from a gunshot wound to the stomach and had been dead approximately six weeks. The woman was identified via DNA as Linda Dave. Linda was a mother and grandmother who enjoyed spending time with family, cooking, and dancing. She is the niece of Janice Hannigan, the first woman detailed in this piece. One local funeral home called Heggie’s has a website where people can share condolences to the family or stories about the deceased. In a cruel twist of fate one of the messages on Linda’s page is from murder victim Rosenda Strong. The FBI is investigating Dave’s case.
Minnie Andy was a 31-year-old Yakama woman who enjoyed fishing and swimming. Minnie was found beaten and close to death near 70 Egan Road in Wapato, Washington on July 9th, 2017. She had been badly assaulted earlier that morning and she tragically succumbed to her injuries at Astria Regional Medical Center in Yakima several hours later. Her cause of death was blunt force trauma. Christopher Lagmay was indicted for her murder shortly thereafter but he would be released from jail in 2019 without prejudice, meaning if new evidence arises, he could be re-tried. Her murder is still unsolved.
Destiny Lloyd, aged 23 disappeared on Christmas day 2017 from her home in Wapato. Her body was found in Harrah, Washington four days later. Initially, it looked like Destiny had died after slipping and falling on the concrete, causing a head wound but a full autopsy would reveal that her death was a homicide and that she died from blunt force trauma. Destiny worked at Legends Casino as a childcare worker. Her co workers remember her fondly and hope her case will be solved. The FBI is investigating.
Naoma George mother of six from Wapato, Washington was found dead in 2013 from trauma to her abdomen. Her death was ruled a homicide. Naoma was a traditional Yakama who did bead work and gathered traditional plants to keep the Yakama culture alive. Naoma was laid to rest in a traditional ceremony at the Longhouse surrounded by friends and family. Her case is unsolved and little information is available. Yakama Nation tribal police and the FBI are investigating.
Barbara Celestine aged 44 was a tribal member who lived in Wapato, Washington. She was found dead of blunt force trauma outside a housing project in town in 2013. Her death was ruled a homicide. The Yakama Nation police and the FBI are investigating the murder. Very little information is available.
Skeletal remains found in late 2008 in a remote part of the Yakama Reservation are believed to be those of a murder victim. The Doe was unknown until the FBI Seattle office mentioned the remains in early May 2009, when announcing the results of the FBI's approximately two-year-long analysis of reservation deaths which was spurred on by a March 2006 meeting with then-United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Until that point the fact that a doe was found was not public knowledge. The bones were found in a remote area near the backpack of missing person Daisy Mae Heath (Tallman). In early May 2009, Special Agents were awaiting mitochondrial DNA test results on those remains, which they said then might be those of Daisy Mae Tallman/Heath. The tests were inconclusive and there was insufficient evidence to conclude that the bones belonged to Daisy. The FBI has not released further information on the remains. This Jane Doe is on no public databases (NAMUS, Doe Project) as far as I can tell. The FBI is investigating.
The triple homicide of Charmaine Sanchey, 47, Toni Marie Green, 43, and Steve Alvarado, 52 is still unsolved. Their beaten and stabbed bodies were found in a small trailer outside Toppenish on Jan. 16, 2003 by their landlord who came over to collect their rent check. He found the women dead in the bedroom and Steve dead in the main living area. The trailer was on the reservation but it is unclear which victims (if any) were tribal members. Authorities say that they have few leads and few suspects. Later, Charmaine Sanchey’s brother, Arthur Joseph Sanchey, was the primary suspect, but was acquitted of charges in July 2004. The brutal triple homicide is still a mystery.
Sandra Lee Smiscon did not die on the reservation but I believe her case deserves a spot in this piece. In the year 2003, Sandra was a 45-year-old mother of 3 children who split her time between Wapato and Seattle. After high school, Sandra got a job in a nursing home and mothered three children. After her personal relationships fell apart Sandra became lost and her children were placed in the custody of their fathers and other family members. She often traveled to Seattle and did odd jobs but was basically drifting around. According to her brother Walter, Sandra was a “party animal” who loved having a good time but sometimes let the drinking get the better of her. Despite her flaws he remembers his sister as a somewhat shy individual with a huge, bright smile who taught her younger daughter the art of traditional dance. Sandra traveled home regularly for family events and holidays but never stayed for long.
One day Sandra and her companions were sleeping near 4th and Yesler streets in Seattle when a man, angered by nearby fireworks shot into the homeless camp aimlessly, injuring a few people and killing Sandra. Her 2003 murder is still unsolved. Sandra’s name is part of the Fallen Leaves memorial, a place of remembrance for deceased homeless individuals as a way to give them dignity and a place to be remembered. Her case is still unsolved. The suspect is described as young man in his 20-30s with a dark complexion but of unknown race. Seattle police department is investigating.
Shari Dee Sampson Elwell age 30, had not been seen for weeks when her battered and sexually mutilated body was found in a remote area by hunters near White Swan. Her body was found during February 1992 in the middle of a blizzard. She had been beaten, mutilated, and strangled. Little has been done to solve her case and very little information is available.
Skeletal unidentified Native woman believed to be in her late 20s or early 30s were found on Feb. 16, 1988, near Parker Dam in Union Gap. Her cause of death has not been determined but her case has been ruled a homicide. She had been dead from 2-10 months. She is described as a Native female, 25-40 years old with dark brown hair that had been bleached light brown in the front. She was wearing lavender colored pants, a long sleeve shirt with a Mexican label, and brown bowling shoes, one with a black sole and one with a white sole. She was slight and short 4’11” to 5’1”. She is not Daisy Tallman/Heath or Karen Johnley. Despite her heritage she is NOT believed to be Yakama; she may be from Mexico and perhaps a migrant worker as her clothing had Mexican labels.
JoAnne Betty (Wyman) John the 44-year-old mother of eleven children, was reported missing on August 1st, 1988. A partial skeleton was a discovered in February 1991 which was determined to be John’s. Her cause of death was ruled “homicidal violence.” Little information is available in her case. The FBI are investigating.
Rozelia Lou (Tulee) Sohappy, 31, of Brownstown was last seen alive New Year’s Eve of 1988. Her partially clothed body was found March 13, 1989, in a remote ravine along the south slope of Ahtanum Ridge north of Brownstown. She was identified through dental records, and an autopsy concluded she had been strangled. Very little information is available.
Jenece Marie Wilson was 20 years old in August 1987. The young woman who lived in Toppenish, when to a party one night and then left the next morning to hitch hike to her boyfriend’s place in Sunnyside, Washington but she never made it. On August 9th a farmer found the body of a woman in his orchard which was so severely beaten it was hard to establish her identity. Dental records confirmed that the body belonged to Jenece and she had died from a blow to the head. In 2009, twenty-two years later DNA evidence was run through the system and there was a hit. The DNA matched an Oregon convict, Samuel Posada. Samuel had attended the same high school as Jenece but the two did not appear to know each other. He was arrested and charged with murder and rape. Strangely, Posada waived his right to jury trial but was acquitted of all charges by the judge in his 2011 trial. Jenece’s case has been cold ever since.
Babette Crystall Greene was 26 years old and lived in the town of Toppenish but was last seen in Yakima, Washington in October 1986. A member of the Warm Springs tribe in Oregon, her skeletal remains were found during the summer of 1987 off North Track Road near Wapato, Washington. Her cause of death is listed as “homicidal violence.” Very little information is available.
Clydell Alice Sampson age 25 of Klickitat had not been seen alive since sometime in 1984 when her skeleton was found by hunters near Hambre Butte, south of Granger, Washington in December, 1986. Her death was ruled a homicide and she died from a gunshot wound. Very little information is available; there are no pictures available of Clydell.
Mavis Josephine McKay was a member of the Confederated tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in Oregon. She was 33 years old when she was found murdered in an irrigation ditch on August 13th, 1957 in Satus, a very isolated area of the reservation. Because her case is so old, very little information is available.
Mysterious deaths
Echo Kay Littlewolf was 31 years old when she was last seen alive. Echo is described as a tomboy who loved camping, animals, and being outside. Echo was homeless at the time of her disappearance and lived in a tent on the reservation but contacted relatives often, at least twice a week. She would pop into her parents’ or grandparents’ house to shower and do odd jobs for money for friends and relatives but always returned to her nomadic lifestyle. On August 15th, 2017 Littlewolf’s grandmother had not heard from her in a week and contacted Echo’s mother, Jeanette Osborne, who drove to her daughter’s campsite. As soon as she smelled decomposition, she called tribal authorities who found the body of Echo Kay Littlewolf. Her body was badly degraded due to the hot weather. Her death was ruled “natural causes” and Echo was cremated. Jeanette believes little investigation was done because Echo had used drugs in the past. According to Jeanette, her daughter’s body looked like she had been standing and then fell over after being hit with an object, nevertheless an autopsy was never ordered by authorities. Echo’s family now wishes she was buried and an autopsy could have been performed. Her suspicious death has never been solved.
Angela Babette Billy, 41, of Pendleton, Oregon was an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation. She also is known as Angela Shippentower and Babette Shippentower. According to the one article I could find Angela who went by “Babette” was a victim of domestic violence. Right before she went missing Babette confided to family members that her boyfriend was abusing her. Right after that her boyfriend left her to be with a woman he had been seeing on the side. Babette’s body was found in late May 2013 in the Umatilla River near Mission, Oregon. She had been missing for over a week. She was found by two people on horseback while they were conducting a private search for her. The area was accessible only by foot, horse or four-wheelers, from one side of the river. The area in which she was found was behind the home of her boyfriend’s new romantic interest. This woman, who remains unknown to the public, also had a reputation for drugs and violent behavior. Billy’s cause of death was drowning and while her death has not been ruled a homicide it is considered “suspicious” and not simply an accident. According to family members police did not take her disappearance very seriously at first- a mistake that may have cost Babette her life.
Alice Ida Looney, 38 of Toppenish was reported missing after she was last seen in Wapato in the early morning hours around Aug. 16 or 17, 2004. A hunter found her body Nov. 30, 2005, wedged under a tree on a small island in Satus Creek, about 12 miles southeast of Toppenish. Looney had family on the Cowlitz and Puyallup reservations. The FBI lists the cause of her death as inconclusive. High school and college athlete Rosy Fish, a distance relative of Looney’s, ran four races at a state track tournament (and won 3). Each race was dedicated to a missing or murdered female native relative of Fish’s, which shows the breadth of this issue. Fish’s actions have spurred other native athletes to do similar tributes. Looney’s death is still unsolved. Looney’s family also says they were never interviewed by law enforcement.
Teresa R. Stahi age 25. July 27th 1987 marks the day Teresa Stahi’s body was found drowned in a canal. Her clothed body was pulled from a fish screen in a diversion canal off Toppenish Creek south of Granger. An autopsy concluded she drowned and had been in the water less than 12 hours. The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office said it ruled out foul play. However, an FBI memo listed Stahi’s case as a “mysterious death matter.” Law enforcement now says her death is “inconclusive.” Very little information is available.
Sara Dee Winnier age 24 had recently moved back to the reservation after living in California. She was found at 3:30 a.m. July 22, 1985, sitting upright in the driver’s seat of a burning car off McDonald Road about half a mile from U.S. Highway 97. Her body was badly burned and the coroner used dental records to identify her. Winnier lived in a remote part of the reservation and worked at the Save More Grocery in Wapato. Her death is suspicious and unsolved. Little information is available.
Celestine Spencer, 21 sometimes called Celestine Yallup, of Wapato had been missing two weeks when her body was found at the bottom of a gully in a field off McCullough Road along the north slope of Ahtanum Ridge. She was found Nov. 11, 1982, at the bottom of a hill near a field. Her death while somewhat suspicious was determined to be hypothermia was deemed a probable accident. Celestine’s aunt was awarded custody of her son, Roland, who had some disabilities and various medical problems. Tragically, less than two years later Roland (age 3) disappeared in a child abduction in Wapato and has not been seen since. His Charley Project page is here-
Lesora Yvette Eli was only 19 years old when a farmer found her fully clothed body along Parton Road near Toppenish on Feb. 2, 1982. She was face down in a drainage ditch. While the County Coroner’s Office listed the death as accidental drowning, FBI investigators claim it is a possible homicide. Her death has never been solved and very little information is available.
Sheila Pearl Lewis, a 33-year-old social worker who worked at DSHS in Yakima was found dead in August of 1980 near Parker Dam in Union Gap. An autopsy showed that she died of massive internal injuries most likely from being hit by a large car or truck. Even though her death is most likely a hit and run, it is classified as suspicious rather than a homicide. Sheila lived on the reservation. Very little information is available in her case.
What happened to these people? Is there a serial killer on the loose? Or simply an epidemic of violence towards women? Hopefully, these cases can one day be solved.
I have been thinking of writing up the stories of missing men and boys on the reservation, if you would be interested in a write up on that let me know in the comments below.
If you are interested in this issue as a whole, I suggest this podcast by Canadian journalist Connie Walker who explains and dives deeply into the issues discussed in the piece.,in%20British%20Columbia%20in%201989.
If you are interested in the cases of other missing Native Americans, my write ups on the Teekah Lewis and Bryce Herda cases can be found here on my reddit profile.
Special thanks to these sources:
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[Lost in the Sauce] Trump admin hides Paycheck Protection program details; lawmakers benefit from loans

Welcome to Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on political and legal news that often gets buried in distractions and theater… or a global health crisis.
Title refers to: The Trump admin is blocking IGs from getting info on over $1 trillion in relief spending, including corporation bailouts. The admin is also withholding PPP info from Congress, meaning we don't know if Trump or his family took taxpayer money. Additionally, we learned that at least 4 members of Congress have benefited from PPP money, but aren't required to disclose it.


Inspectors general warned Congress last week that the Trump administration is blocking scrutiny of more than $1 trillion in spending related to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the previously undisclosed letter, Department of Treasury attorneys concluded that the administration is not required to provide the watchdogs with information about the beneficiaries of programs like the $500 billion in loans for corporations.
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin refused to provide Congress with the names of recipients of the taxpayer-funded coronavirus business loans. After criticism, Mnuchin began to walk back his denial, saying he will talk to lawmakers on a bipartisan basis “to strike the appropriate balance for proper oversight” of PPP loans “and appropriate protection of small business information.”
At least 4 lawmakers have benefited in some way from the Paycheck Protection program they helped create. Politico has been told there are almost certainly more -- but there are zero disclosure rules, even for members of Congress.
  • Republicans on the list include Rep. Roger Williams of Texas, a wealthy businessman who owns auto dealerships, body shops and car washes, and Rep. Vicky Hartzler of Missouri, whose family owns multiple farms and equipment suppliers across the Midwest. The Democrats count Rep. Susie Lee of Nevada, whose husband is CEO of a regional casino developer, and Rep. Debbie Mucarsel Powell of Florida, whose husband is a senior executive at a restaurant chain that has since returned the loan.
Mick Mulvaney dumped as much as $550,000 in stocks the same day Trump assured the public the US economy was 'doing fantastically' amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Mulvaney unloaded his holdings in three different mutual funds, each of which is primarily made up of US stocks. The next day, the value of the mutual funds tanked.

Cases rising in many states

Good summary: There was supposed to be a peak. But the stark turning point, when the number of daily COVID-19 cases in the U.S. finally crested and began descending sharply, never happened. Instead, America spent much of April on a disquieting plateau, with every day bringing about 30,000 new cases and about 2,000 new deaths. This pattern exists because different states have experienced the coronavirus pandemic in very different ways…The U.S. is dealing with a patchwork pandemic.
As of Friday, coronavirus cases were significantly climbing in 16 states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington.
Oklahoma is experiencing a massive increase in coronavirus cases just days before Trump’s planned rally in Tulsa. In Tulsa county itself, 1 in roughly 390 people have tested positive. Yet Trump plans on cramming 20,000 people in an event with voluntary face mask policy and no social distancing. Attendees must sign a waiver that absolves the president’s campaign of any liability from virus-related illnesses.
  • On Monday, Pence lied saying that Oklahoma has “flattened the curve.” As you can see at any of the resources immediately below, this is not even close to true. Over the past 14 days, the state has seen a 124% increase in cases and reports 65% of ICU beds are in use.
  • Tulsa World Editorial Board: This is the wrong time and Tulsa is the wrong place for the Trump rally. "We don't know why he chose Tulsa, but we can’t see any way that his visit will be good for the city...Again, Tulsa will be largely alone in dealing with what happens at a time when the city’s budget resources have already been stretched thin."
  • Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted that he is a victim of double standards when it comes to perception of his decision to resume campaign rallies in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, declaring that attempts to “covid shame” his campaign “won’t work!”
Resources to track increases: There are many different sites with various methods of visualizing the spread of coronavirus. Here are some that may be particularly useful this summer… Topos COVID-19 compiler homepage and graphs of each state since re-opening. How we reopen Safely has stats on each state’s progress towards meeting benchmarks to reopen safely (hint: almost none have reached all the checkpoints). WaPo has a weekly national map of cases/deaths; the largest regional clusters are in the southeast.
On Monday, Trump twice said that “if we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any,” (video). Aside from the fact that cases exist even if we don’t test for them, we cannot explain the rising number of cases by increased testing capacity: In at least 14 states, the positive case rate is increasing faster than the increase in the average number of tests.
  • Reminder: In March Trump told Fox News that he didn't want infected patients from a cruise ship to disembark because it would increase the number of reported cases in the US. "I like the numbers being where they are," Trump said at the time. "I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship that wasn't our fault."
Fired scientist Rebekah Jones builds coronavirus dashboard to rival Florida’s… Her site shows thousands more people with the coronavirus, and hundreds of thousands fewer who have been tested, than the site run by the Florida Health Department.

Equipment and supplies

More studies prove wearing masks limits transmission and spread of coronavirus… One study from Britain found that routine face mask use by 50% or more of the population reduced COVID-19 spread to an R of less than 1.0. The R value measures the average number of people that one infected person will pass the disease on to. An R value above 1 can lead to exponential growth. The study found that if people wear masks whenever they are in public it is twice as effective at reducing the R value than if masks are only worn after symptoms appear.
Meanwhile, Trump officials refuse to wear masks and Trump supporters copy his behavior… VP Mike Pence, leader of the coronavirus task force, published a tweet showing himself in a room full of Trump staffers, none wearing masks or practicing social distancing. Pence deleted the tweet shortly after criticism. A poll last week showed that 66% of likely-Biden-voters “always wear a mask,” while 83% of likely-Trump-voters “neverarely wear a mask.”
  • Trump’s opposition to face masks hasn’t stopped him from selling them to his supporters, though. The online Trump Store is selling $20 cotton American flag-themed face masks.
  • Yesterday, we learned that South Carolina Republican Rep. Tom Rice and family have tested positive for the coronavirus. Just two weeks ago, Rice was on the House floor and halls of the Capitol without wearing a mask.
Internal FEMA data show that the government’s supply of surgical gowns has not meaningfully increased since March… The slides show FEMA’s plan to ramp up supply into June and July hinges on the reusing of N95 masks and surgical gowns, increasing the risk of contamination. Those are supposed to be disposed of after one use.
Nursing homes with urgent needs for personal protective equipment say they’re receiving defective equipment as part of Trump administration supply initiative. Officials say FEMA is sending them gowns that look more like large tarps -- with no holes for hands -- and surgical masks that are paper-thin.
More than 1,300 Chinese medical-device companies that registered to sell PPE in the U.S. during the coronavirus pandemic used bogus registration data… These companies listed as their American representative a purported Delaware entity that uses a false address and nonworking phone number.
Florida is sitting on more than 980,000 unused doses of hydroxychloroquine, but hospitals don’t want it… Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered a million doses of the drug to show support for Trump, but very few hospitals have requested it.

Native American communities struggle

The CARES Act money for Native American tribes, meant to assist people during the pandemic, came with restrictions that are impeding efforts to limit the transmission of the virus. For instance, the funds can only be used to cover expenses that are "incurred due to the public health emergency." On the Navajo Nation, the public health emergency is inherently related to some basic infrastructure problems. 30% of Navajo don’t have running water to wash their hands, but the money can’t be used to build water lines.
Federal and state health agencies are refusing to give Native American tribes and organizations representing them access to data showing how the coronavirus is spreading around their lands, potentially widening health disparities and frustrating tribal leaders already ill-equipped to contain the pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has turned down tribal epidemiologists’ requests for data that it’s making freely available to states.
A Hospital’s Secret Coronavirus Policy Separated Native American Mothers From Their Newborns… Pregnant Native American women were singled out for COVID-19 testing based on their race and ZIP code, clinicians say. While awaiting results, some mothers were separated from their newborns, depriving them of the immediate contact doctors recommend. New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that state officials would investigate the allegations.

Personnel & appointees

Former IG Steve Linick told Congress he was conducting five investigations into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the State Department before he was fired. In addition to investigating Pompeo's potential misuse of taxpayer funds and reviewing his decision to expedite an $8 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, Linick’s office was conducting an audit of Special Immigrant Visas, a review of the International Women of Courage Award, and another review "involving individuals in the Office of the Protocol."
  • Pompeo confidant emerges as enforcer in fight over watchdog’s firing: Linick testified that Undersecretary of State for Management Brian Bulatao, a decades-old friend of Pompeo’s, “tried to bully [him]” out of investigating Pompeo.
Trump has empowered John McEntee, director of the Presidential Personnel Office, to make significant staffing changes inside top federal agencies without the consent — and, in at least one case, without even the knowledge — of the agency head. Many senior officials in Trump's government are sounding alarms about the loss of expertise and institutional knowledge.
Trump’s nominee for under secretary of defense for policy, retired Army Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata, has a history of making Islamophobic and inflammatory remarks against prominent Democratic politicians, including falsely calling former President Barack Obama a Muslim.
Amid racial justice marches, GOP advances Trump court pick hostile to civil rights. Cory Wilson, up for a lifetime seat on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, has denied that restrictive voting laws lead to voter suppression and called same-sex marriage “a pander to liberal interest groups.”
Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has indefinitely extended the terms of the acting directors of the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service, sidestepping the typical Senate confirmation process for those posts and violating the Federal Vacancies Reform Act,

Courts and DOJ

The Supreme Court declined on Monday to take a closer look at qualified immunity, the legal doctrine that shields law enforcement and government officials from lawsuits over their conduct. Developed in recent decades by the high court, the qualified immunity doctrine, as applied to police, initially asks two questions: Did police use excessive force, and if they did, should they have known that their conduct was illegal because it violated a "clearly established" prior court ruling that barred such conduct? In practice, however, lower courts have most often dismissed police misconduct lawsuits on grounds that there is no prior court decision with nearly identical facts.
The Supreme Court ruled that federal anti-discrimination laws protect gay and transgender employees. Justice Neil M. Gorsuch and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. joined the court’s liberals in the 6 to 3 ruling. They said Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination “because of sex,” includes LGBTQ employees.
  • Alito, writing more than 100 pages in dissent for himself and Thomas, accused the court's majority of writing legislation, not law. Kavanaugh wrote separately: "We are judges, not members of Congress...Under the Constitution and laws of the United States, this court is the wrong body to change American law in that way."
  • Just days before the SCOTUS opinion was released, the Trump administration finalized a rule that would remove nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people when it comes to health care and health insurance. The SCOTUS ruling may make it easier to challenge the changes made by Trump.
The Supreme Court also declined to take up California’s “sanctuary” law, denying the Trump administration’s appeal. This means that the lower court opinion upholding one of California's sanctuary laws is valid, limiting cooperation between law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, two of the Court's conservative members, supported taking up the case.
A federal appeals court appeared unlikely Friday to stop a judge from examining why the Justice Department sought to walk away from its prosecution of Michael Flynn. "I don't see why we don't observe regular order," said Judge Karen Henderson. "Why not hold this in abeyance and see what happens?" Judge Robert Wilkins told Flynn's lawyer that if Sullivan doesn't let the government drop the case, "then you can come back here on appeal."


Good read: Fiona Hill on being mistaken as a secretary by Trump, her efforts to make sure he was not left alone with Putin, and what the US, UK and Russia have in common. “It’s spitting in Merkel’s face,” said Vladimir Frolov, a former Russian diplomat who’s now a foreign-policy analyst. “But it’s in our interests.”
  • Russia’s Foreign Ministry welcomed Trump’s plan to withdraw more than a quarter of U.S. troops from Germany.
  • Op-Ed: Why cutting American forces in Germany will harm this alliance
According to a new book, the Secret Service had to seek more funding to cover the cost of protecting Melania Trump while she stayed in NYC to renegotiate her prenup - taxpayers paid tens of millions of dollars to allow her to get better terms. Additionally, NYPD estimated its own costs conservatively at $125,000 a day.
Georgia election 'catastrophe' in largely minority areas sparks investigation. Long lines, lack of voting machines, and shortages of primary ballots plagued voters. As of Monday night, there were still over 200,000 uncounted votes.
Fox News runs digitally altered images in coverage of Seattle’s protests, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone
Fox News Mocked After Mistaking Monty Python Joke for Seattle Protest Infighting
In addition to holding a rally on the day after Juneteenth (originally scheduled the day of), Trump will be accepting the GOP nomination in Jacksonville on the 60th anniversary of “Ax Handle Saturday,” a KKK attack on African Americans.
Environmental news:
  • Ruling against environmentalists, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the federal government has the authority to allow a proposed $7.5 billion natural gas pipeline to cross under the popular Appalachian Trail in rural Virginia.
  • Trump administration has issued a new rule blocking tribes from protecting their waters from projects like pipelines, dams, and coal terminals.
  • The EPA published a proposal in the Federal Register that critics described as an assault on minority communities coping with the public health legacy of structural racism. The rule would bar EPA from giving special consideration to individual communities that bear the brunt of environmental risks — frequently populations of color.
  • The Trump administration is preparing to drill off Florida’s coast, but says it will wait until after the November election to avoid any backlash from Florida state leaders.
Immigration news
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection used emergency funding meant for migrant families and children to pay for dirt bikes, canine supplies, computer equipment and other enforcement related-expenditures… The money was meant to be spent on “consumables and medical care” for migrants at the border.
  • ACLU files lawsuit against stringent border restrictions related to coronavirus that largely bar migrants from entering the United States.
  • Under Trump’s leadership, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has mismanaged its finances so badly that it has sought an emergency $1.2 billion infusion from taxpayers. When Trump took office, USCIS inherited a budget surplus. A large amount of funding is drained by its deliberate creation of more busy work for immigrants and their lawyers — as well as thousands of USCIS employees. These changes are designed to make it harder for people to apply for, receive or retain lawful immigration status.
  • Asylum-seeking migrants locked up inside an Arizona ICE detention center with one of the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases say they were forced to clean the facility and are 'begging' for protection from the virus
  • ICE plans to spend $18 million on thousands of new tasers and the training to use them
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I don’t really know how to do this, but recently it’s been weighing on me

I feel like I’m being so selfish by posting this, but whatever. It all really started in fifth grade, my family which at the time was me my sister my mom and my dad moved to Indiana with the help of my aunt, life was great there for a while, our aunt would spoil us and all that but my dad is an alcoholic and would hot my mom, so my sister and I spent most of our time at our aunts house. Eventually I got home sick and stayed home while my sister went to my aunts, and I realized my mom would stay gone for multiple days at a time and thinking back on it, even in fifth grade I was super depressed from this. I remember one night I heard banging on the wall and I figured my dad was just being an asshole again, so I gave it a minute but when I left my room there was a drawing of a body on the wall and it says something around the lines of this is what I’ll do if you leave and my dad has plunged a knife into the wall where the heat is. My aunt was already there and I left. One day she took us to Michigan on a trip where she told me that my parents were getting a divorce, she already told my sister, and my dad was already gone, he went back to oregon. I cried, but not because my parents, I knew this would happen, I cried because I knew I’d never see my best friend again. We lived with my aunt for a few months after that, and even started a new school year. However the issue of my mother was still there, my mom started doing drugs, that’s why she was never home. I didn’t believe it until I visited my mom, who was staying at her crack head boyfriend’s. I won’t lie I was ignorant and had fun with them, I wanted to believe my mom was who I thought she was. About a month later my mom said we were going to oregon to see family, I didn’t want to go, but we were kinda forced. We thought we were going back I was even wearing a necklace my aunt bought me, and then our cousin called and accidentally told us we weren’t going home, I instantly texted my aunt and flipped shit. We were on a greyhound bus at the time and I was trying desperately to go back, and my mom grabbed me by my necklace and broke it. That’s when I realized there was no going back. When we got to oregon we stayed with my aunt summer, not to be confused with my other aunt, it was her, my uncle josh, and my four cousin’s. After the first week of school dad contacted us and said could visit, he lived with my brother Corey who we liked, so one weekend my sister and I went to visit dad. Which was awesome, Corey’s house was great as far as we could tell his girlfriend Karen was cool and Dad has always been the fun one. When we got back mom wasn’t there, we wouldn’t see get for a long time. At this point josh and summer were basically our parents, which was weird we never really liked them, so when dad got a house we moved in instantly. Dad and Karen instantly changed, this was when everyone started hating me. Karen would hang out with Sandra leaving me constantly alone because my dad worked late, he’s in construction so he went straight to bed as well. Karen never tried bonding with me, she always had something against me. My dad was also still an alcoholic, but instead of targeting Karen, he’d threaten me for annoying her. I remember my sister and I would sometimes have to barricade the door. Still every morning he’d wake us up, kiss our foreheads, tell us he loved us lots and we’d go to school, where I was extremely unlikable apparently, to the point where I was so depressed I’d try to Kill myself in school and got bullied for it, it sounds weird but it was like pulling my shirt to suffocate myself. And at home my dad gave me a knife and I remember when he’d get violent sometimes I’d sit there, my sister had a loft so she couldn’t see and I’d hold the blade to wrist and think about killings myself, praying for forgiveness, but I never did anything. Eventually my brother Corey wanted to bring Sandra and I to a hotel casino, I was so hyped. But Karen talked him into just talking Sandra, which is my sister, I don’t really care for the anonymous stuff right now, if you know me you know me. And I was so depressed, until my brother Brandon came over. I realize I should explain my sibling’s, I have eight and I’m the youngest 4 brothers 4 sisters. Brandon realized I was sad and asked if I wanted to go to his place, I asked dad and I was allowed over. The following week Sandra came over as well. We went every weekend, making memories and having fun. One night Karen couldn’t find the tv chord which was get this plugged into the tv she she threw a little plastic chair at me and the tv remote, at which point I told her to “screw herself with her dildo” because I thought I was funny. My dad didn’t. The next day he had Sandra and I pack our stuff and dropped us off at Brandon’s, we knocked and there was no answer, he looked at us and said to just wait until they get home, luckily the door was unlocked and Ashley, my sister in law was asleep upstairs. We told her what happened and when Brandon got home he told us the truth, they couldn’t afford us, so we got sent back to summers. And in my head to this day, I paint an image of my father that is the best possible and that he’s a great guy and I believe it. Even though he never gave a shit, but it was even worse when summer cut off our communication. We couldn’t talk to dad or Brandon or Ashley. No explanation, we just couldn’t. However our sister teesha who’s a fucking saint was living upstairs, we spent our time there. One day teesha had enough of summer, who was always super disrespectful and mean and brought up Brandon and Ashley and said she was moving in with them, they just got a new apartment. Hearing this gave me the courage to finally ask if I could visit and josh didn’t know our communications were cut, he said yes and Sandra and I spent a whole summer over there. Even saying we lived with them. Again, they couldn’t afford the apartment, but they weren’t gonna lose us again. This is the hardest part. We all moved in with dad, which Brandon convinced us was a good idea. I went with it. On the first day, dad and Brandon walked me down to a bench that was just on the side of the road. And I remember this whole conversation. Dad said I can’t disrespect Karen anymore, and yelled at me for about a minute before saying, you need to apologize to her and ask for another chance, otherwise I can’t have you here. And Brandon joined in the yelling. I realized what I got myself into. I asked Karen for another chance in tears, knowing this was my last chance. She said no. And lied to my dad. I remember I immediately ran from the room to the porch and hugged Brandon, drinched in tears. And yelled, she said no. And he just gave dad a look, they didn’t say anything except calling me a lier. I went to the room and bawled while Sandra was with Ashley I think, my dad came in the room and said she didn’t say no I just talked to her. I felt so betrayed. I had to go to sleep every night an hour before my dad because Karen didn’t like me, the second night Brandon came in the room to get Sandra and said since she didn’t do anything wrong she could stay up. I began to resent her because she was the favorite, but she still loved me beyond belief. When I told her she was the favorite, she stayed in the room anyway and we’d watch chowder on the Xbox. One night we lost the controller and used my tablet, which I got for Christmas from my aunt in Indiana to screen mirror it. Branson busted in the room pissed and grabbed me and asked where the controller was I said I don’t know, I used my tablet and he yelled bullshit and pulled the Xbox out of the room saying if you’re gonna hide my shit you don’t get to use it and stormed out. Keep in mind it’s only been about a week. A few days later, everyone was gone, just Karen was home. And she was talking shit about my mom and I told her not to. She said you can stop yelling or you can leave my house. Sandra and I packed our shit and sat out front, calling our aunt julie and looking at bus schedules. Then Brandon got home and we went inside. The next day, I get home from school and sit down. All of a sudden my mom busts through the door and kissed my forehead. I could swear I was hallucinating. I went to the front porch and asked my dad what was happening, he said it was moms turn to have us, I said I didn’t want to leave and he looked me in the eyes and said I know you don’t son but it’s your moms turn. And we left. We went to summers again and mom left. We were there for three years, and all I can tell you is it was the worst experience in my life, I started smoking weed in eighth grade, and I also started cutting. I never felt so alone. Alyssa, my cousin told josh and summer I cut and they didn’t care, they said there was nothing they could do about it, then Alyssa started cutting and josh made her sleep in their room. Wow, if that doesn’t show how it was there. Alyssa was always their favorite over everyone. Even with that Sandra and I were always treated as under them. We couldn’t talk to dad or Brandon and Ashley, which I still longed for. But winter break eighth grade summer finally let me see Brandon, I think it was because she knew we’d leave and didn’t want us there. One time, the counselor found out I cut and called summer, she said she knew and was going to get me evaluated. I didn’t know what the hell that meant. I thought she was gonna do what dad did and just leave me somewhere. But no, she got me mentally evaluated and told the people I was going to kill her and her family she was trying to dump me there for I think three weeks or so, luckily they knew she was lying. She said I couldn’t come home so I moved in with Brandon and Ashley, A week later Sandra did too. Sandra is extremely anti social and wanted to do online school. Brandon and Ashley said they would enroll her but never did, and essentially took her out of school to watch the kids and clean the house. Meanwhile at school, I fell in love with a girl we’ll call d, she had liked me since 7th grade and she finally asked me out, I said yes because I was extremely lonely and I easily fall in love. And she was the light of my life. I hung out with her everyday, gave her all of my love that I could. And on the month mark, she broke up with me. I was broken from that. Still am. I think about her everyday. One day dad came over and invited us to coreys and we said yes. We told him everything. Sandra told him everything. And he got us out of there. We knew he couldn’t afford us and we’d go back to summers, still Sandra asked me every hour if this was what I wanted, I always said yes. A week later the day came when we said goodbye. I left Sandra at summers and moved in with my best friend Ben. 9th grade. I saw Sandra in the mornings and would always have serious conversations. Like I went back and saw Brandon within a week. And with Brandon I saw dad. And we’d talk about that. And then COVID happened. And the summer was fine. I don’t leave. Don’t see family. I only see the daylight through the window. I found out that they do drugs at summers, not like just weed, shrooms and acid and all that shit. And my sister teesha, which I guess I forgot to mention moved to Indiana. I hadn’t seen her in three years came to visit and I begged to see her. And was told no, Sandra visited with her. And went home with her. Sandra now lives in Indiana with teesha. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I didn’t even know they were leaving. Now I have nobody, I have no real reason to stay in oregon other than Ben and his family whom I love deeply and my dying dad, Who’s 60 now, that’s why I care. I’m in tenth grade now and have officially given up. It’s the day after thanksgiving. And I’m starting to realize it’ll be my first Christmas without Sandra. My constant. I still think about D, In fact that’s why I’m typing this. I got back into contact with her, and I told her how I feel and she we’ll figure it out and that she does care about me, and there’s a personal reason that I’m not gonna say that explains why we broke up. And I still love her. But I can’t tell her because I know she doesn’t care. Recently, she posted something on her story basically saying that she doesn’t think about Me, and have replied to me since. I know not a lot of people will care, but writing this down helps. A lot. Thank you to anyone who cares. I should probably sleep. It’s 6am as I write this. Have a good one.
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